"You claim Hate has many sides Many sides Many sides. There's only one: Your blood and soil pride" ____________________ You say: "We love our country. We love our God. We love our flag...." But what flag do you truly claim allegiance to, President Trump? Are the stars inside an X? And who do you mean by "we"? By not truly speaking out against these Nazis and white supremacists, your true nature continues to emerge. We've seen it there for years with birtherism, race baiting, housing discrimination. Until today, I lied to myself that if we just endure and get through it, America will right itself after you're gone. But to say nothing enables you and the hateful people that believe you will lead them to supremacy. Your "Blood and Soil" pride needs to be exposed for what it is. You do not represent this country; you do not represent me. Your hateful rhetoric needs to be stopped as it encourages and perpetuates these terrorist attacks and racist movements. My heart and prayers go out to the people of Charlottesville, to the commonwealth of Virginia, and the moral compass of our nation.
"Oh Virginia Do you remember When the Land held your hand? Oh Virginia... You can't remember your name..."
I don't know, I watched a lot of video uploads today and I think I saw a shit ton of hate on both sides.
@scottyinmiami the point is the president not calling these hateful groups out for what they are. He continues to not do so, and their hateful rhetoric and message spewed anger on both sides. But it is this specific message of hate, that one group is superior because of skin color and cultural background, that was present in Charlottesville. And the president refused to call them out like he always does. Someone died. It was not the time to be vague
@saintrocque I've spent a lot of time in Israel and can tell the Palestinians and Jews hate each other with all of their heart. Both sides think their hate is more justified than the other. Those white folk that were marching feel that their history, their culture doesn't seem to matter to anyone anymore. I.E. removing General Robert E Lee's statue from the park. A couple of schools in Dallas recently changed their name from Lynch because it was seen as offensive to some. Never mind the enormous amount of charity the Lynch family had given over the years to public schools in Dallas. Where does it end? Do you have a clue how dark the history in England France and Spain is ? Can you imagine if they started tearing down statues and monuments all over Europe...As for the asshole/criminal in the car who took a young life, he will be tried and found very guilty. I'm not condoning one bit of racism but no one ever cared to ask the General public in Charlottesville Virginia how they felt about removing a local heroes monument. A few members on a city Council do not make up the will of the entire people. Good day where ever u are. Im not even in America, I am in Miami. I hope we can all get along but I highly doubt it. ✌🏼
Adore you
@scottyinmiami America has always stood for liberty and equal justice for all. That is the foundation this country was built on. As the definition has broadened due to a better understanding of what liberty and equality means for everyone, it has caused those that are privileged to be confronted with the fact that others have been subjugated to a lower status, and those wrongs warrant righting. This of course causes clashes and issues, but these groups aren't just white folks sad about a monument being taken down. This is a way to exert control and show power that they have had to relinquish as other groups' rights are leveled with theirs. Their message is of hate. Their goal is to intimidate and incite acts of violence. And while they have a right to voice their opinions, our president (as a representative of all) has a duty to call them out for inciting chaos and for being a hate group. He continually refuses to do this. Which fuels the flames. This is my issue.
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