Looks like he's bitch up in second
He was the driver ?
@moogurl yes
No wonder he hit all those people. His eyes are so close together, how did he ever get a license
Whoaaaa I'm missing so much not being on Facebook or having cable. I need to catch up some news today. Tell me he didn't kill anyone, please.
@jenn_lasagna he did 😞 a 32 year old woman, 20 are in the hospital
Uggghhh. I'm glad you're safe! If there's any way for people from afar to help or get involved please let us know!
Calm down. He don't know his political affiliations besides being a registered republican. Nor do we know his motives ..
@armanijo92 we know he is a domestic terrorist who was in town for the unite the right rally. He purposefully rammed into a crowd of counter protesters.. what more information do you need? And why you are trying to defend him is insane. You're on the wrong side of history.
Never in history has telling someone to calm down actually calmed them down.
Fuckin "motives"?
@jahnavi_wraight who is that guy that's saying calm down????
@thebiglebekski no clue
@tarasky10 yeah they usually just have a massive temper tantrum
@jahnavi_wraight is there a citation where he released a statement saying he purposefully rammed into the counter protestors ? I mean it's good to know these things and have proof. If anyone is to be on any side of history it's important to have the facts.
@jahnavi_wraight other question ... have you actively denounced the actions and sentiments carried out by ANTIFA and some of the radicals from BLM .. they're also known to commit violence. I think it's important to denounce all vioelnce
@maxfromchicago it's usually important to understand someone's motives before implicating them .. it's called innocent until proven guilty. I know it's not a popular model anymore ..
You're a fucking clown @armanijo92
@gnarlygreg Great 🤡 least Im not a Marxist
@armanijo92 wake the fuck up! There are pictures of this terrorist at the rally with white supremacy gear. Also, there is video footage of him intentionally slamming his car into a large group of counter protestors! Video fucking footage! So sad
@jahnavi_wraight nothing but love for you and your family and thank you for so passionately voicing what you stand for and believe in. Stay positive!
Douche canoe
@skrillabear again ... assuming his intentions. I'll make an accurate judgment about him when his statements are brought forth and he's brought to the courts ...
@armanijo92 since when do people doing dumb racist shit " release statements " saying they did dumb evil ass racist shit on purpose!?!?
@ktroseleee another person making assumptions .... this is amazing
He's just mad he was born with that face
@tarasky10 truth!
This just makes me sick. I hope we have hope for the generations that come will see peace. Love has to prevail. It feels so good. Haters don't know how much life they're ruining for everyone. Smh
@armanijo92 what's amazing to me is that someone is coming onto my friends IG trying to defending hatred, bigotry and ignorance. Get lost. You can't be a nazi and an American homie, there was literally a war fought for that reason. Take your alt-right shit and shove it.
@ktroseleee any proof I associate with the alt-right ? None. Was there anywhere I defending hatred or bigotry ? Nope. Any indication me or James are Nazi's. Nope. Again .. making assumptions.. you're playing into hysterics ..
@armanijo92 "you and James" long time homies I'm sure. Glad you made your shit private because I'm sure you don't have anything to hide.
@ktroseleee yes 100% HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA ! You're assumptions are so spot on ... shame your profile isn't private because we're all subjected to your horse face. Anyways have a good day being an anti-intellectual 😘
@armanijo92 I'm gonna find some facts here to make my assertion of you. 1. You are 25 years old and have a 69 emoji in your bio. 2. You just got upset that someone aregued with you online so you insulted their physical appearance.
@armanijo92 you are a douchebag
@jiverson77 ... um that "69" emoji you're referring to is actually the zodiac sign for "Cancer" LMFAO 😂 No I wasnt upset. She made assumptions of my character and attacked me for it, so she started. Your assumption about me being a douchebag is accurate though.
@armanijo92 if you don't condemn, you condone.
How do people not realize that this isn't about politics. This is about hatred. Bringing BLM into this is such a typical move too. BLM does not condone violence. The alt-right does. Take a seat.
@anticom_action BLM isn't a hate group. They themselves don't condone the violence committed in their name. The same cannot be said about the KKK and other white nationalist parties
An American hero 🇺🇸
@womenfordonaldtrump you think a murderer is a hero? What the fuck is wrong with you?
@womenfordonaldtrump Women supporting for trump is asking for absolute suicide
Fuck KKK you murderer Fuck you 😠😠😠😠😠
@jahnavi_wraight don't engage trolls
@armanijo92 @womenfordonaldtrump @anticom_action attorney general #jeffsessions announced a civil rights investigation because this crime meets the definition of domestic terrorism.
@jahnavi_wraight okay... and investigation to see the intent , correct ? Obviously he will get charged and should get charged regardless of intent but the investigation is to get a clear picture of what occurred right ?
@armanijo92 absolutely. And I agree with that. My opinions are based on what I saw and heard. The law will base their verdict off of the evidence and I'll be interested to see what happens.
@jahnavi_wraight and what's what I said the entire time. To properly assess what really went on we need an assessment of his intention because that will alter his sentencing and the classification of his attack from either reckless behavior or to an act of terror. I don't like to assume without all of the facts and statements from the accused. So , I'm glad an investigation is occurring 😌
@womenfordonaldtrump A European piece of trash
When #whitenationalists and #neoNazis wanted to march in #Charlottesville again, the #Virginia city said no. According to denial letters obtained by The Daily Progress, Charlottesville denied permits for five organizers, including counterprotesters, who wanted to organize events on Aug. 11 and 12, 2018. The letters said that such events would “present a #danger to #publicsafety” and “cannot be accommodated within a reasonable allocation of city funds and/or police resources.” “There is no person or legal entity willing to accept responsibility for the group’s adherence” to the city laws, the manager, Maurice Jones, wrote. #JasonKessler, who organized the “#UnitetheRight” march in August that led to tragedy, took to Twitter to promise to sue the “Communist government of Charlottesville” sometime “early next year.” Kessler said in a video posted on Monday that he and his supporters were the victims, blaming counterprotesters for the violence that broke out in August. This despite the fact that it was a white nationalist who drove a car into the crowd. Kessler also urged his followers to march anyway, even without a permit, but insisted that there should not be any violence at the event, to “prove a point.” In his application for a permit, Kessler said that the city only needed to keep the sides separate to allow the protests to happen, but Jones wrote in his denial letter that the city “does not have the ability to determine or sort individuals according to what ‘side’ they are on.” #foodforthought #rbg #problack #panafrican #blackisbeautiful #blackwomenrock #blackmenrock #blackgirlsrock #blackboyjoy #blackexcellence
5 days ago
Before the year 2017 end, just remember that, this was the 'Bestest & most Beautiful' side of Americans coming together we have ever SEEN. . (Check previous post for full story) _________________________ #jasonkessler #endof2017 #happynewyear #cityhall #kkk #unity #rally #racist #america #socialjustice #eggplantentertainment #gtfoh #pussyass #blm
10 days ago
Today #Mastodon broke the 1 million user mark! I took #Twitter off my phone last month. Their decision to “verify” #whitesupremacist #JasonKessler was the last straw. Please help us build a better network... and come connect with me, my handle is @coachdrewglobal@mastodon.social !
15 days ago
#whitenationalist #whitesupremacists #scumbag #whitenationalist #KKK trash are taking the Twitter #whitesupremacy purge hard! #dotard ‘s ‘fine people ‘ deserves #badkarma after what they said about Heather Heyer. #jasonkessler
22 days ago
Kudos to #twitter for #fightwhitesupremacy . They strip the verified badge from the following #whitesupremacists : #richardspencer #jasonkessler & this breeder ( who acts like Twitter chop off her right hand). The breeder likes to #fatshaming #whitesupremacy victims. #resist #theresistance #fuckracism #kkk trash #twitterkeepupthegoodwork
27 days ago
Jason Kessler con cuenta en Twitter verificada lo que formo controversia https://t.co/NRgMRC6a2Y #JasonKessler #Polemica #Internet #Web #Twitter #Controversia
1 month ago
#Twitter just verified the account of the man who organized the tiki torch white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia that lead to the death of Heather Heyer. Thoughts? #Charlottesville #Virginia #VA #Heather #Heyer #HeatherHeyer #Jason #Kessler #JasonKessler #Supremacists #Controversy #Trump #Donald #DonaldTrump
1 month ago