Movies of the Future: Weekend Box-Office Predictions 1: Annabelle 2 ($38M) 2: Dunkirk ($10M) 3: Nut Job 2 ($9M) 4: Dark Tower ($6M) 5: Girls Trip ($5M)
Look at the top 5 movies...makes you wonder wtf is going on in Hollywood? Who the fuck goes to the movies to watch this garbage?
Dunkirk? @raymerca it's not garbage, the others yes, but Dunkirk no
Wait there's a Nut Job 2?!??!
@movies_of_the_future nahhhhh, annabelle creation was actually decent, it has the right amount of jump scares and it links towards the first/second annabelle, the story of it, had to admit was kinda crap but as the horror and tense scares/drama cover up the story for it to be... Good I guess
I agree. It was decent. Some gaps in logic, lol. But some legitimate creepy storytelling and wound right to its sequel. I think it gave gravitas to the doll more. She's creepier than ever. But, it lacked some of the character development and cohesion of other Blum films. Still, worth a watch. Dunkirk is definitely the saving grace of that list. Going to watch Wind River tonight. I've heard it's good.
Dunkirk was so ass lmao
Nut job dead
Nut Job is horrible
@movies_of_the_future Dunkirk's a masterpiece
@benstewart13 Yes
I didn't even know that they were making a nut job 2 😂
Why the hell did they make a sequel?