The Glass Castle Movie Review #scorethatfilm2017 About as mediocre as a film can get. The Glass Castle features some solid performances and feautres a fascinating story, but the odd tonal decisions and the films manipulative tendencies make it a frustrating bore. Woody Harrelson is the star of this film, and he's pretty great. The film botches it's attempt to give him an earned emotional arc, but he sells it as best he can. Brie Larson is fine, I guess. She really doesn't get to do much. The kids are fine, and Naomi Watts stays trying in these mediocre indie films. The film is ultimately a really sad and disturbing true story, but it's told in a uplifting and heartwarming way, which makes for some really strange scenes. Some dark stuff is going down, but the music swells and you're supposed to feel a way I was the total opposite of. The ending is not earned on any level. There's nothing really bad about this film, but aside from Harrelson's efforts, there's really not much to praise about The Glass Castle either. It's just kind of a dud. I don't think I've forgotten a film faster this year. Score: 2.5/5 #theglasscastle #brielarson #woodyharrelson #naomiwatts
The book uses humor during serious moments as well, maybe you just have to be a fan of the book to better appreciate the movie. I've heard good things about it and loved the book but most likely going to wait till this hits bluray
vanaf do 19 oktober gaan er twee films in première #ChasséCinema: ‘Kleine ijstijd’ en ‘The glass castle’. Op do online premièreprijs € 5,00! #filmprogramma #premières #kleineijstijd #theglasscastle #leukvoorjeportemonnee
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#tbt That day when one of my neighbors left a box of books in the hall with a sign that said "help yourself". That was a great day.... #book #bookstagram #lifeafterlife #theglasscastle #themagicians #goodneighbors
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"Things usually work out in the end." "What if they don't?" "That just means you haven't come to the end yet." - Jeannette Walls, The Glass Castle 😊 muito bom, é de ir da gargalhada às lágrimas 💙 #antestreia #cinema #theglasscastle #ocastelodevidro #prisaudiovisuais #thankyou #ucielcorteingles #brielarson #woodyharrelson #naomiwatts #quartasfeirasmagicas
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I cannot say enough about this book. .This novel elicited so many emotions from me every time I read a chapter. Anger... at the parents for not wanting to act as adults; Sadness... over the dirt poor life these children had to face; Laughter.... for the crazy ploys the family did to survive; Belief.... that everything will turn out better; Disappointment... when it doesn't; Love... the greatest gift of all. Read The Glass Castle. This book is one of the best stories I have read in a long time. #readingjunkie #bookstagram #theglasscastle
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Two nights remain to see these films. Showtimes at the link in the bio. #theglasscastle #littlehours #draculamovie #fridaythe13thmovie #film #laurelhursttheater
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Happy Wednesday book lovers! I hope that all of you are having a wonderful day! I am finally feeling much better and have taken full advantage by taking bookstagram photos and reading a lot. Follow me on my Goodreads if you are interested guys (@papercupsandpaperbacks)! I am absolutely obsessed with The Upside of Unrequited by Becky Albertalli right now so yes I can already recommend it even though I haven't finished it yet! 😂 Today's #octoberlibrary17 challenge is favourite bookmarks so I chose the beautiful metal bookmark that my boyfriend's family got me for my birthday (I am so very lucky and thankful), my hieroglyphics one that I got made in Egypt when I was five years old, and my deeply loved (and worn) cat bookmark from @shakespeareandcoparis. I just wanted to give a shoutout to @whitesaturdayco for creating such beautiful bookmarks (which I am finally going to order VERY SOON AND I AM SO EXCITED)! She is currently hosting a rep search so be sure to check out her page if you are interested joining! 🎉💕☕️ What is your favourite bookmark that you have? • #bookstagram #bookstagramfeature #bookishfeatures #bookfeaturepage #book #booknow #bookish #booklove #bookworms #bookreview #bookphotography #blog #bookblogger #igreads #bibliophile #instabook #reading #papercupsandpaperbacks #bookmark #bookandbookmark #theglasscastle #shakespeareandcompany #cat #hieroglyphics
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