Annabelle 2 : Creation. Yap as it titled, this is prequel of Annabelle we know, which is spin-off of The Conjuring series. Yap it's already that far. I even dont remember Annabelle movie story. Cause they all seems the same. Anyway, this prequel told us background story on how Annabelle "born", but not really, the main story is just a line dialogue of the main character almost in the end. It, still, about old american house far away from anywhere (for real, who the hell want to live in place like that), pastor and nun, childrens (who always curious), and the doll(s). Minus the paranormal. Even has the same background, but this one still has its bite. The jump scare, and scoring, still make you curse a lot. Oldmen character isnt dominant, but Janice and Linda is very good. That little Linda is cute. Still, a good Horror to scare you. And also there are easteregg a photograph of The Nuns, maybe for the next Valak-based spinoff. #Annabelle #creation #Conjuring #moviereview #zemview
so it will be darkest year since IT will be coming this October
@aldhindoy have you seen Netflix's Stranger Things? The second season will also be coming before Halloween. Cant wait for that and Netflix's The Defender this month. For IT hope it wont flop.
yeah, stranger things should be on my next list, I'm not interested in marvel and DC series anymore, just focus on GOT season 7 for this month
@aldhindoy im still comicmovie fanboy. And not into GOT. Too much season I cant handle.
aku abis nonton ini!! baru aja lol ini jauh lebih intense yha 😂😂😂 aku ngosngosan dong😂😂
@zemzemrahmatullah no, 7 season isn't even enough to cover the story, try to watch S01E01
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I love #theconjuring movies, really hope they make a third. #annabelle #edwarren #lorrainewarren #patrickwilson
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Cintanya mommy... Si duo cipluk yg always make the bad times good #annabelle #clarabelle #sisterhood #loveyou #gemespoll
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Eu gosto msm é de filme de terror! #terrormovie #annabelle #terror #medo #screan #doll
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