The inbreeding is strong with this one.
@deejaya1 the ignorance is strong with this one
do u have friends honeslty jw
@soph_tailor yup :) lots of friends and I'm part of a great community
Amen [><]
You should take pride in the diverse communities of the south, not the flag of a failed rebellion. Rebels are enemies of the state.
@thrasher_banks America was made by "rebels". I mean to take up the mental mine ancestors dropped and host the southern flag once more like it deserves. Southern vengeance will be delivered for our rights that have been marred for too long. Blood and soil. And with the new south it will be forged for what America is suppose to be for the fucking United States forgets and is no longer for all the people. One way or another this will be fixed. One way or another Dixie will return to its former glory and its enemies will fall
Curious about what rights southerners have been deprived of. Last I checked, that flag stood for slavery and institutional racism. Are you upset you can't be openly racist or what?
@thrasher_banks then you are ignorant of what that flag stands for. Freedom from northern tyranny. I'll defend fly and die for that flag for it is held close to my heart.
Tyranny lol ya'll were the slave owners. North won, we get to write history. Peace ✌🏾
@thrasher_banks you twist the history books to make you the fuckin good guys. The south will rise again
Good luck brother 👍🏾
@thrasher_banks I make my own luck
The left hates the confederacy for what it embodies; the last flame of rebellion Americans had against government tyranny. Trump is correct in saying that they are destroying history and culture. To the left it's not just about the statues. It's about their disgust for a culture and a way of life that is a resistance to their agenda. . . . #robertelee #confederacy #confederate #civilwar #culturewars #duty #responsibility #determination #persistence #whiteandproud #youwillnotreplaceus #Christianvalues #southernculture #southernpride #heritagenothate #freedomfighter #libertylover #refugeesnotwelcome #maga🇺🇸 #makeamericagreatagain #fuckglobalism #globalism #nationalism #republican #democrat #taxationistheft #donttreadonme🐍#knowledgeispower partners: @triumphwithtrump @conservative__daily @rightwayusa @usa_ohio_constitutionalist  @feelthebernofyourwallet
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They first came for our southern heroes now they won't stop until there little bitch ass feelings can't be hurt anymore. THEY ARE TRYING TO ERASE OUR HISTORY!!!!! If you can't see it yet there are bigger plans than just statues. The big men behind the scenes pulling the strings have way more planned than meets the eye. Take a look at every major civilization that's ever fallen before us they've started just like this with the brake down of basic Society structure. The loss of a moral Society is the beginning of the end for anybody. #dixie #southernpride #southernfever #godsavethesouth #godsavetheusa
27 minutes ago
As she walked her trusty steed, Buck, who she'd always had a vague subconscious sexual attraction to, back to his 5 star pin, she couldn't help but wonder: will the south really rise again? #reesewitherspoon #draperjames #parody #parodyaccount #equestrian #horsebackriding #horses #draperjamesmoments #draperjamesmomentswithreese #thesouth #dixie #southerncharm #southernpride #nicolekidman
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I'm a PROUD Southerner. I LOVE the South. The food, the weather, the beaches and mountains, the music and general hospitality. There are many ways to celebrate your Southern heritage. If you wave a Confederate flag at your house-this is how I will view it. "Heritage not hate" is a poor excuse for flying a flag that represents slavery and oppression to so many. Yes, the Civil War was centered on states' rights-the right to own slaves. Slavery was a booming economic success in the South...why would they give up their livelihood? Who are we, as white people (whose descendants may have owned black people) to tell black people how they feel about honoring heritage with this flag? We must err on the side of empathy and love, not pride. Let's put down our pride and stop arguing about "erasing history". Taking down our flags and statues doesn't erase what happened, it takes away the public honor. History books will exist to tell the stories. The Confederate flag represents division in this country and is flying alongside the representation of Nazi Germany. Why are we still flying it?? #heritagenothate #noconfederate #empathy #blacklivesmatter #southernpride
1 hour ago
This is my history. Love it or hate it, at least know what you are talking about before calling me a bigot. To destroy American history would be annihilating America and I, for one, will NOT stand for it, just as I refuse to sit down and feel guilty for the pride I have in my southern heritage. This is a direct assault on me, my dead grandparents, dead parents, and my ancestor, ROBERT E. LEE. Call me a racist if you'd like, then I'll own your ignorance and agree with you, face on, without fear, remorse, nor sympathy. I love all my people across the globe, but the preservation, safety, and honour of my loved ones and myself take shotgun to the feelings of others and their ignorant thoughts, acts, and jargon. I am NOT a NAZI. I am a Southerner. THEY ARE PLAYING US, TO SEPARATE US. A SEGREGATED STATE IS A WEAKENED ONE. Thank you, William Skarsgard #noguilt #preservationpreventsrepeats #southernpride #america #secondamendment #wellplayedlobbyistshit
1 hour ago