"Racism is over. Stop complaining about nothing. You have the right to vote. You can marry white people. You can be friends with white people. You can live in a nice neighborhood. You can get good jobs. Reverse racism is real." Ladies and gentlemen (POC) if you are surrounded by people who say these things you need to #getout. They don't care about you. They aren't your friends. They are racist. Just because they aren't calling you an offensive word based on your race doesn't mean they aren't racist. Just because they have black friends doesn't dismiss them either. Before things get crazy let's address the obvious that not all white people are racist. However, with that being said not all white people aren't racist. Therefore, you need to check who you surround yourself with. Anyway, this post is here because this is real life. This is now. This isn't taking place in the 1960s Deep South. This is an act of terrorism(let's call it what it is). This shouldn't be left unseen. People are quick to post about black on black crime and a black man killing a white man or whatever but tend to ignore things like this. So, I'm going to make sure you see it... even if you've seen it a thousand times now. Black people it's time we unite again. Uplift our community instead of trying to knock each other down. We can't thrive without one another. We are facing many issues one simply can not face alone. Lastly, to those that are going to say. "Why is everything about race. Why does it have to be a race thing. Why can't we just all get along" This country was built upon the backs of POC. We slave(d) away making this country what you know it as today. However, we are not credited for what we do/have done. We are only kicked to the curb, mocked, and faced by systematic racism installed by white supremacists. The only way to move in the direction of getting rid of these issues is to address them and seek justice. If you really support everyone like you say you do (I'm talking to you alllivesmatter) you would understand that. There will be no hand holding and singing kumbaya until justice is served. Either help us or move aside.
Finally checking #getout it better be good!! 😐 @qtve4u 😂
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#margaritamondays this one wasn’t my favorite. And for $10 I wouldn’t recommend it. #doubler #margaritaville not a good choice.
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3pm was lit
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Have you ever just asked yourself this question????? Things that makes you go hummn......
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Queen recognize and understand the fact that your natural crown is everything and your true beauty is undeniable. I love you queen.
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