Doing a little TV from the Nation's Capital on a beautiful Sunday. Oh, and semi-good news, #Nationals fans; Bryce Harper's scary-looking knee injury isn't as bad as originally feared. As we reported this morning, the team says he had no ligament damage, but he does have a "significant" bone bruise. The hope is he's back in time for the Nats' final playoff push. And hey, look up from your phone, @jwitalka! #Nationals #baseball #MLB #Washington #WashingtonDC #DC #ESPN #BryceHarper #doireallycallthiswork?
👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿Always so proud of my Jefferson!!
I live right next door, my rooftop is in your shot. Grilling at 6.30, I'll wave lol 😂 enjoy the great DC weather!!!
@emeraldmorrow Awww, making me blush, Auntie. Proud of YOU!! You've been killing it down there, Ms. Morrow!
@lejamiel I could've really used a rooftop grilling session today! Def would've slid by and grabbed a quick burger or dog lol. Had to get back home this evening. Pretty quick last-minute trip. That's a dope location you're in, bro!
@jennalaineespn 😬(says the reporter whose voice I heard on "Hard Knocks" last week, making me be like 🤗)
I saw you on tv last night and almost lost my 💩... proud to see you shining!! Congrats!!! 🙌🏾
Home 🙌🏾
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I need to figure out this long exposure thing ... but, mushrooms!! 🍄 😜
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All Workers Conference Day 2! #tricities #washington #NOW
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Midori Linea loves! 💗 Last Thursday’s event was amazing! Watch this space 👀 and follow us on all social media to stay in the know!
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