Beautiful colours in the sky!
Wow ❤️
Purty 😍
That's epic!! You got the Milky Way too... I'm pretty jealous...
@ocuk thanks man!
@_joe_glover thanks Joe!! The conditions were incredible!
@xandybakero purty indeed!
@dannie.lam thank you
@frasermcgeefoto 👌🏼
@sidhu88 the thank you goes all to you man!!
@frasermcgeefoto you're most welcome! We gotta go again on a darker night for sure though. Worth risking death for lol
This is so awesome. Thanks for the invite ☺️
@brummiesister thank you Helen! Hope you are well?
@bethastington thanks Beth!
@frasermcgeefoto no worries :) I was going to drive out to Church Abbott to get some pictures, but I thought the moon might wipe out a lot of the stars... clearly I was wrong!
Amazing shot, will definitely join you guys next time
@_joe_glover it did eventually!! But for an hour it was really great!
@mr.simsingh thanks man! Not quite your Pacific shot though!
Great shot Fraser - only a little jealous! (-:
The circus is (was) in town. I'm not a big fan of the circus. A clown once pretended to steal my mum's bra during a show. I don't think I knew what a bra was at the time. I don't like clowns.
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Feeling alive Foto de @diogoasrosa
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One by one
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Stockholm 🇸🇪
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