#jayz #part1 #444 While Jay Z has shared plenty with the world since the release of his latest album 4:44, it has been in a controlled environment—either in the "footnotes" to his music videos, or in the short notes about each song he shared with iHeartRadio. But now, Hov has decided to sit down for an actual interview, and it's well worth the wait. The Rap Radar podcast, hosted by veteran journalists Elliott Wilson and Brian "B.Dot" Miller, has just shared their talk with Hov (Wilson's latest gig is as editorial director, culture and content, hip-hop over at—you guessed it—Tidal). Billed as "JAY-Z Part 1," implying that more is to come, the hour-plus sit-down covers the making of 4:44 and its footnotes, the unusual way the project was released, and a few other random tidbits as well. He also discusses how people misinterpreted one of the most notable lines from the project, a lyric that upset a number of artists. Listen to interview ☝🏾 Via @rapradar Via @tidal Courtesy of @pigsandplans •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #interview #tidal #rapradar #realtalk #ihatemumblerap #barsfordays #morebarslessmumble #hiphop #hiphopculture #hiphopheads #hiphopjunkie #hiphopenthusiast #realhiphop #realhiphopheads #80shiphop #90shiphop #4elementsofhiphop #fortheculture #ilovehiphop #alltrueheadsrecognize #dontsleep #staywoke #whentheeastisinthehouse #bkway #bkallday
The book: what is preventing you living a flourishing life? #leadnow #newbook #weekdayvibes #video #part1
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[PART 1 of 3 - The Tussle] They were immigrants, and we didn’t see eye to eye for a long time. He wanted me to do what he wasn't able to do. He wanted me to be a doctor or a lawyer, and I didn't want to do that. He always hit me, and I had gotten to the point where I was fed up at always being hit. He had a misunderstanding with someone, and I took the other person's side. He was upset, and he attacked me physically. I got so pissed off, we fought. I physically defended myself. I was about maybe 18 or 19. He didn't expect it, and I didn't expect it either. I just released everything at once, and it was interesting. My father showed me everything that I didn't want in the relationship between father and son. I thought if I ever had a son, that I would never, ever push him to that point where he felt like he had to raise his hand to me or he felt like he was being constantly beat on and resented me. My father was a complex man and was not easy to live with, but he raised me to be self-sufficient. He gave me all the tools I needed to get through life practically, but, when it comes to navigating life emotionally, he did not. - @osaya.e
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💕💕💕 @91count - BALA - I am Feeling Good🎶 (cover) @bqlq.qi 🎙️ #MichaelBuble #part1 - #NinetyOne
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Part 3*Sesi kedua,opening food&entertainmet district tsm,original hello bitches song👏👏#kpopdancecover #dancekorea #koreandance #dancecover #dancecoverindonesia #lagukorea #koreansong #originalsong #softopening #opening #gotick #foodandentertainmentdistrict #foodandentertainment #instakids #dancekids #dancermakassar #dancerindonesia #part1 #sesi2 #hellobitches @andiaqilahsweety @alifahmariska @tiarazahra07 @cantikasariislami_ @rhoelye @tsmmakassar
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هرکی فاز اینا فهمید ما رو هم بی خبر نزاره😕😕😕 . . #محرضا❤️👑 #part1
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#part1 خەڵاتەکانی ھەفتەی ڕابردوو دەرچوو بۆ ئەم بەڕێزانە ☺️ ئەگەر تۆش دەتەوێت ببیتە خاوەنەی یەکێک لەم ٣٠ خەڵاتە تەنھا بەبڕی ١٠ ھەزار کاڵا لە لقەکانی کۆمپانیای ئەسێ بکڕە تا ناوت بچێتە تیروپشکەکەوە😋 1- مۆبایلێکی google pixle دەرچو بۆ دانیار انور علی 2- مۆبایلێکی IQ X OCTO دەرچو بۆسیامەند خورشید 3- مۆبایلێکی LENOVO دەرچو محمد موعتسەم 4- ڤێرشنی نوێی مۆبایلی Nokia 3310. دەرچوو بۆ علی سلاح 5- مۆبایلی ئەسێ Asse A525 ( ٦ ) دانە. (سەرکۆ محمد،روناک ڕەشید،قەیس جبار،میر بختیار،شنۆ ئەحمەد، فەرهاد عبدواللە ) 6- مای فای تیشک نێت ( ١٠ ) دانە دەرچو بۆ (بڕیار ئەحمد،عوسمان حەمە ساڵح،نەسرەدین علی،توبان محمد،ئەحمد حسین،دابان فایەق،حامید سعید،زیاد تاریق،ئەلەند فەلاح،لوقمان ساڵح) . 7- سی پی ئی وایفای تیشک نێت ( ١٠ ) دانە (ڕەوەند مەعروف،ئەحمەد هاشم،محمد ئەکرەم،قارەمان محمد،زیاد فەتاح،سیامەند عوسمان،یوسف عمار،موراد داود،باوەڕ ئازاد،دڵشاد علی) . ☑️داوا لەم بەڕێزانە دەکەین لەماوەی دە ڕۆژدا سەردانی کۆمپنیا بکەن بە مەبەستی وەرگرتنی دیاریەکانیان بە پێچەوانەوە بێبەش دەبن لەوەرگرتنی دیاریەکانیان . کۆمپانیای ئەسێ/لقی سلێمانی: شەقامی مەولەوی - تەلاری سیروانی نوێ - بەرامبەر بازاڕی دەبۆکە ژمارە مۆبایل: 07709183939 ژمارە مۆبایل: 07701532007 . کۆمپانیای ئەسێ/لقی سیتی ستار ژمارەی مۆبایل: 07721523090 . کۆمپانیای ئەسێ/لقی سیتی سەنتەر ژمارەی مۆبایل: 07721523080 . کۆمپانیای ئەسێ/لقی ماجدی مۆڵ ژمارەی مۆبایل: 07721523080 . کۆمپانیای ئەسێ/لقی کەرکووک: شەقامی گشتی ژمارەی مۆبایل: 07708047272 کۆمپانیای ئەسێ/لقی هەولێر: شەقامی کۆتری سەلام ژمارەی مۆبایل: 07501132000 . کۆمپانیای ئەسێ/لقی ڕانیە: بەرامبەر بازاڕی ماست فرۆشەکان ژمارە مۆبایل: 07501242000
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