The Perseid meteor shower is visible from mid-July and peaks between 9 and 14 of August. During the peak there are up to 60 meteors per hour but when you are in the city you won't see nearly as many. Here are my 5 meteors that I captured August 12, I placed them all in one photo. One was even green! #perseidmeteorshower #perseid #perseids #meteorshower #meteor #astrophotography #astrophotos #nikonphotography
We went out on the trampoline and watched them last Saturday. We were all lucky to see a few.
@bonnysaskia πŸ™πŸΌ 😊
@theresamurena awesome! That's always fun!
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Another mystery object flashes over Heathrow Airport. Watch it on our YouTube channel.
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"So the men paused indecisively as the light from the well grew stronger and the hitched horses pawed and whinnied in increasing frenzy. It was truly an awful moment; with terror in that ancient and accursed house itself...No one will ever know what was abroad that night; and though the blasphemy from beyond had not so far hurt any human of unweakened mind, there was no telling what it might not have done at that last moment, and with its seemingly increased strength and the special signs of purpose it was soon to display beneath the half-clouded moonlit sky". --The Colour Out of Space (image repost from @vintagepulps ) #hplovecraft #lovecraft #horror #sciencefiction #unknown #space #meteor #vampire #locusts #crumbling #art #illustration #vintage #lightsinthesky
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It was huge. #Meteor #Arizona
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