From the most western part of mother Europe, this Irish man echoes this message ☘️
Reclaim your birthright.
2 days ago
We should never have to justify our right to exist. Defeat Globalism. Defend Europa The Future belong to us! #DefendEuropa
5 days ago
Against the world. [OC] (Excuse any inaccuracies, one could consider Nordic and Germanic separate groups, as well as Anglo and Germanic, yet I would consider them part of a larger Germanic group. The French, specifically the Northern French (as the Occitanians are clearly more Mediterranean), have an odd ancestry as well, being a mix between Germanic tribes, Celts and Gaulic Romans. The origin of the Hungarians is unclear and the Romanis are of Latin origin similar to the Mediterranean group, yet I would not classify them as such.) #defendeuropa #defendevropa #defendireland #europe #diversity #altright
5 days ago
We can see evidence of this with the thousands of immigrants flowing into #Europe (and my previous post) #defendeuropa #defendeurope
5 days ago
This Swedish girl, only 14 was forced to move schools. This is what immigration is doing to #Europe and it isn’t the first case, nor will it be the last! Stand up for your people!! #truth #defendeuropa #defendeurope #wakeup
5 days ago