This year has been without a doubt one of the greatest professional accomplishments of my life. I was blessed to have the incredible opportunity of working with not one, but two @mlb teams. The @redsox (2nd year) and the @dbacks. The #ArizonaDiamondbacks went from 69-93 last year to finishing this year at 93-69, 2nd to the LA Dodgers and winning the NL Wild Card Game. What #MikeHazen and #TorreyLovullo we’re able to accomplish is nothing short of miraculous. I’m honored to have been able to touch the team with the Froglogic Concepts. This year my role with the @redsox grew to include working with the team during the regular season and for the playoffs. The #RedSox won the AL East for the 2nd year in a row. These men are young and gritty and have all the makings for a phenomenal team. Proud to know all of you gents. I want to also thank the President of Baseball Ops #DaveDombroski and former manager #JohnFarrell for having so much confidence in my affecting the players individually and as the team as a whole. I’ve learned so much from all of you and pray that the wisdom I’ve shared with you will in some way improve not only your professional lives but more importantly your personal lives. God bless all of you. Thank you. Your humble servant Instructor Rut. HOOYAH OOOOUUUUTTTT #froglogicperformancecoaching #NeverQuit #dreamsdocometrue
Pumped for you brother!! Your message has inspired countless people myself included !! I'm proud to know you man!!
@awp_1_ss thank you my brother.
Need to get you on the Dodgers! 👊👍
🙌🙌🙌🙌 epic!!!!
Glad for your success but would've liked for you skipper the Bosox
@coachdan016 way out of my lane on that one.
@tacoactual I learned from the best. #LLTB
Can you go help my @cubs? They cant hit for $h*t.
Awesome! ❤️
Changing lives for the better both personally and professionally you are🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Much respect sir!!!
@desert_bull maybe next yesr
@teamfroglogic year
Will you be back in Boston next year?
@teamfroglogic OUTSTANDING!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!
Go BoSox! City of Champs! ❤️🇺🇸🙌🏼
That’s amazing!! Blessing so many people 🙏🏻
Instructor Rut, you are awesome and the level of respect and admiration I have for you is immeasurable, but it's almost unforgivable that you're sleeping with the enemy! Go #Yankees
@spivnyc 😂😩🐸💪⚓️💥
@flunkiejones thank you
@jenny23lynn God willing
@teamfroglogic please let me know if you do and maybe we can meet up? You're extremely inspiring!
A someone did but they had to leave. Not a choice made easy I am sure. A rare connection from a distance. Two people with similar needs and wants. Two strangers looking for happiness. A laugh a hug a kiss. To be accepted and loved. Just normal people in this crazy world trying to find others to make them and this world a better place. I’m very saddened by the loss of this friendship. I believed in this someone and took a chance. Something I will never forget or regret. A person so special who can change your life with just a comment. A person you dreamed and inspired to be more like. Hidden behind sadness and lies but feelings that were real. Inspired you to be the best you can. Someone who made you think about things differently. To believe in you. To love yourself. He told me I was special and put here on earth to do big things to make a difference in someone else’s life. I hope I do inspire and give hope to those who come in contact with me. I hope people know I’m safe and here to help in anyway. However this person is gone, I do believe that I will not be forgotten nor will he. I will never forget the lessons he’s taught me. The power of the law of attraction is real if you believe. Positivity and happiness reap more of the same. So eat what you want sometimes( keylime pie) without worry. Exercise for fun not because you have to. Be yourself and stop worrying if people like you. Have time to yourself to reflect and dream. Have hope and laugh everyday. Travel the world and make the most of everyday. And remember there is always something or someone out there for us, thinking of us and holding us up
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OMG! I just spent the past two days redesigning my website and creating an ahhhhh-mazing freebie for you guys 🤗 I'm so excited to share it with you! I outlined my top 5 steps to become the woman you've been dreaming of 💕 After I implemented these steps, I was finally able to embody the Girl on Top of the World-- something I thought I never thought I'd achieve. The link is in my bio ✨ I can't wait to hear what you think 🙏🏻
7 minutes ago
To @therealryancoogler Thank you for giving 3 first generations kids something to look up to and for reminding a 34 year old kid that some dreams are still possible. Much Respect Daniel Kofi Morteh #blackpanther #wakandaforever #inwakanda #ghanaianamericans #ghana #blackstarpride #firstgenkids #filmmaker #dreamchaser #photographer #dreamsdocometrue #marvel #morteh #kodaqjonez #family
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Taking Janelle to see a high school girls soccer game. Waltrip is winning and they are good! #dreamsdocometrue #waltripgirls #waltripsoccer
16 minutes ago
Practice Speed less than 2 minutes on the classic while singing! #amazingetchman #etchuproductions #etchasketch #dreamsdocometrue #tyrabanks @tyrabanks @spinmaster #spinmaster @itsetchasketch #etchasketch #etchman #amazingetchman #bam #getetched #shakeyouretch #nytf
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Sweet memories of Santorini🌸 #grateful #dreamsdocometrue #oia
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“sometimes I know that life can be tough, but that’s just the way it goes. But sometimes it goes the other way too.” It’s taking me a while to post about this because it’s taken me this long to process it myself. A few weeks ago I headed to Las Vegas to see The Killers perform in their hometown. I spent months planning and knew it would be spectacular. After the concert we headed to a part of Vegas not usually visited by those passing through but a part of Vegas that has now stolen my heart. We made our way to a bar which’s vibes called out and spoke to a few locals and mentioned our hunt for vinyls in the cities we visit. They mentioned a shop that happened to be just around the corner, so we made plans to visit it the next day. We made our way to the shop and spent an hour or so scanning and hunting for our own personal gems. As we did we struck up a conversation with the clerk and mentioned I was in town to see The Killers for the third time. He then made my heart drop by mentioning that they had recently recorded their latest album in the studio that happened to be in the back. I was floored. He then offered that if it wasn’t currently being used,to take me back for a peek. I was speechless. Long story, short, here it is and there I am, standing in the spot where the Killers recorded and where I ended up completely by happenstance. Sometimes the universe speaks and you have to listen. . . . . . . . #TheKillers #brandonflowers #ronnievannucci #Lasvegas meets #riograndevalley #rgv meets #lv #wonderfulwonderful #samstown #fabuloslasvegasnevada #thekillersvictims #recordingstudio #dreamsdocometrue #random #studio #magic #sometimeatheuniversespeaks #theman #thekillersmusic
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More freestyle work. I can see my progress in this video from some of the other videos I’ve done. It’s nice to see it happening! Gotta keep working hard, I’m gonna be somebody someday.......just wait! #freestyle #dancer #dance #thanksforthesupport #youkeepmegoing #workinghard #goals #detroitvseverybody #suckerforpain #practice #practiceandalliscoming #practicemakesperfect #progress #progressnotperfection #onthecomeup #10yrsold #swag #levelup #ilovetodance #passion #determination #perserverance #dreams #dreamsdocometrue #training #fun #lovemylife
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Spent some time trying not to cry while living my childhood dreams. Today was truly special. #harrypotter #dreamsdocometrue
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5 years later....#dreamsdocometrue
35 minutes ago
The second floor walls went up today!! It's so exciting to be able to walk through the different rooms!! All the windows weren't cut out in these pics, but if you use your imagination... 😁😍😘😘👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
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