Manager John Farrell has been fired by the Red Sox, leaving the front office on the hunt for a new one. There are many choices that Dombrowski can choose from, but here are just a few of the top options so far: Alex Cora At age 41, Cora has recently retired from the MLB and is currently the bench coach for the Astros. Many believe that he can be a great manager, and winning the divisional round with Houston only helps his cause. Jason Varitek Let's get straight to the point: we, as Sox fans, have always wanted Varitek to become our manager. He was the only Sox player to wear the "C" on his chest, making him one of the most beloved players in all of Red Sox history. Although he doesn't have any coaching experience, he has held a front-office spot for the past few years, meaning that he is already close to Dombrowski. Although it's a stretch, Tek could quite possibly be the model that the Red Sox need. Brad Ausmus After being dismissed this season by the Tigers, it is unclear of whether or not the Red Sox would want someone who just failed in Detroit. The reason this is a possibility, however, is because of the relationship between Ausmus and Dombrowski. Ausmus was hired by Dombrowski without any coaching or managerial experience. He must like something about him. QOTD: Who do you want to become the manager of the Red Sox? #redsox #johnfarrell #manager
this is bull. Farrell has no reason to be fired
Only correction here is Varitek is not the only player to ever wear the C
Yaz, Rice and about 15 others have wore the C
@redsoxfan4lifeinsa Are you sure? I know they were captains but I'm not sure they physically had the "C" on their jerseys.
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How do you think new Red Sox manager Alex Cora will do this upcoming season? Please let me know in the comments section #alexcora #redsox #mlb #redsoxnation #bostonsports #bostonherald #bostonheraldradio #redsoxmanager #mlboffseason #baseball #leverettballmedia #bobbyvalentine #terryfrancona #johnfarrell #gosox⚾️ #fenwaypark #beantown
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