From yesterday:” be who you are with pride”. I’m glad that I chose to work for a company that embraces and celebrates diversity 🌈 #nationalcomingoutday #syf
finish, ISO Team 😎 #audit #ISO #development #SYF
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Hi la team, 😊 Comment allez-vous ? Alors, pourquoi cette image ? Je penses qu'on a trop tendance à regarder nos objectifs sur la balance . Desfois on peut aussi s'affiner ou prendre des formes sans que cela puisse ce voir sur la balance . Donc pour évitez tout découragement , le mètre de mesure est aussi très révélateur de nos évolutions ☺️💪. De plus , il permet de préciser sur quelle partie on perd ou on prend et de cibler par la suite plus facilement les zones qu'on souhaite changer et les travailles au sport 😊 Donc petit conseil, tenez votre carnet de bord à jour (moii perso il est dans mes notes Iphone😂) et prenez vos mensurations une fois par moi !! STAY MOTIVATED , BON COURAGE .. ✨💪 🔸KIMY #SYF #frenchfitgirl #fitness #motivation #sportmotivation #sport #healthy #healthylifestyle #target
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Czekam na taką pogodę: ( Szarość i błoto już mnie dobija: / #bagno #błoto #syf #deszczowo #śnieg #ble
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#Rumbaenmicorazon #syf #sangredeprimera como se llaman estos chamos??
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I’ve always enjoyed learning and this week was no different. Handed in my latest assignment for my MSc and been on a great course today. #syf #massage #masters #learning
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Wholesale order for @phunkypatches if you see her around vending, go check out her stuff! She will also have these patches. Fun back story, my first wakarusa I walked up in a booth full of patchwork. This was in the very beginning of my sewing, when sewing/vending for a living was still just a dream. This was the first full booth of all patchwork I had seen. This booth was @phunkypatches and I carried around her business card in my wallet for years. A few years passed and we ended up being neighbors on the vendor row at wakarusa when I worked with lightupwire. I remember sharing this story with her that year. Always a pleasure running into her out and about and such a joy to have my patches sharing booth space with her art! Artists supporting artists! Big world, small lot. Also, any of these designs are available on custom order. #patch #patches #handmade #applique #sewing #noembroiderymachine #gratefuldead #pigpen #jerrygarcia #dancingbear #catsdownunderthestars #13pointbolt #syf #stealyourface #jerrysguitars #jerry #nfa #aramintamuscaria
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Available in my Etsy (link in bio)! Sterling Silver, pave style, 13 Point Bolt with Blue Sapphires. Check out the Grateful Dead section to find it easily! Only one available!
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