Pride. June. 2017. Salt Lake City, Utah. #NationalComingOutDay
I'm pretty much a week late for #nationalcomingoutday but I still want to say a few things (of course). I have repeatedly been ridiculed for being who I am and my identity has been invalidated more times than I can count. It has cost me relationships and even some friendships. I shouldn't have to justify who I am to anybody. It's beyond exhausting. Yes, we all have opinions, but if yours belittles somebody else or makes him or her feel worthless, then maybe you should rethink it. Please, take it from me: It absolutely sucks to be alienated based on something you cannot control. Be understanding and love people.
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Joined a book club over the summer and it was my turn to pick. This was it. A breezy-easy #YAnovel with a heart the size of Texas. Thirteen year old me wishes he had read this so, I’m reading it for him. #SimonVStheHomoSapiensAgenda
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I am just looking for some new people to hang out with. It's totally fine if you're not near me, I'd still love to chat:) bisexual❤️❤️💕❤️ #nationalcomingoutday #likeforlike #style #cool #me #model #hot #italian #instagood #tagsforlikes #gay #followme #mikado #challenge #gayhappy #proud #lgbt #comingoutday #repost #gayguys #gaylife #petty #guy #uk #selfie #blue #blonde #beard #warsaw #gayboy
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There are times when I questioned myself. Why am I like this? Did something went wrong when I was growing up? Was I dropped on my head when I was a baby? Self-doubt was my personal mantra throughout my growing years. I wasn’t the smart one, I wasn’t the creative either. I was the last one to be picked for sports or group work. I was distintively effeminate, I was too weak. I was the quiet one (Yes! Believe it or not). I was the invisible one. In a nutshell, I wasn’t good enough. For anything. Until I met someone who said, “Gurrlll, there will ALWAYS be people who are going to hate you for being yourself, but they ain’t gon pay your bills!!” Though, I didn’t get the jist, I slowly learnt that I have to live my own life. Accept yourself first before expecting so from everyone else. Don’t worry, it’s an everyday process. Be clear about what you want your purpose in life to be. I am still searching for mine 🌞. I hope you find yours too. Be brave, be bold, be safe. Create whatever you envision yourself to be. -h- #nationalcomingoutday
6 days ago
Part 2/2 In honour of the recent national coming out day (October 11th), I’ve made a little something for anyone who’d like to know my identity story. Also I’m refusing to just disappear entirely even if things are shit right now, so f u life HAHA! Enjoy. #art #digitalart #comingoutday #nationalcomingoutday #lgbt #lgbtq #aboutme
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