Guess what I'm doing tonight!!!! Think we are planning for a 2018 fall wedding- looking at venues this weekend. Need to get my ass in mega gear to drop the pounds fast. My goal is to lose 100 pounds total by my wedding.. this means 90 to go!!! Wish me luck!!! #fitnessjourney #losingweight #womenempowerment #extremeweightloss #tummytuck #fitmom #healthyliving #fitfam #beyondthescale #halfmarathon #gymmotivation #weightlossjourney #weightlossinspiration #livefit #weightlosstransformation #indymini #teambreakinghealthy #workout #planetfitness #indyfitness #womensrunning #weightloss #womenshealth #transforming #weightlossgoals #mealplanning #eatclean #nationalcomingoutday #followforfollow #potatodiet
Beautiful! Please send in for a feature 💋
@lindsey_isaloser I bought the same one for planning for my weeding back in 2015! ✨ I love thier stuff it's so crisp and neat, organization ❤️❤️ my favorite hahahah
How do you like this planner??? I’m having a fall 2018 wedding and need to get to planning 😳😳😳 all I have is my@venue booked
@mellybhealthy I'm having a fall 2018 wedding as well, we have our venue picked and our parents are seeing it this week, than we will book! Congrats on your engagement! This book is pretty good it really keeps you on track step by step for what you need. Also, will keep you very organized! I haven't dived in too much yet as I haven't started planning too much. I have flipped through it though and i highly recommend!
Sunday giveaways 🔑 👀⬇️ . . . Rule☝🏼 - Get the bag💰 . . Rule ✌🏼 - Never break rule ☝🏼 . . Rule 🤟🏼 - Support your friends & get back to Rule ☝🏼 . . 🖕🏼 - 👀 The last rule is for those with no common sense. Don’t take Instagram to serious, If you see a photo, Despite your free time to cast judgment or assumptions, Take that time & use it to better your self & your circumstances, Because - I eat like 🤴& do really cool things with really cool people. #movewithlove ❤️🥊 . . . . @therealajperez @ashleywilking @chrishowell16 @shomchowdhury . . . . #pbefitness#mylife . 👊🏼✖️👊🏼✖️
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anything but a lazy sunday #doingthings • swipe to see the full flow. Decided to do something other than inversions today hahah and this is what happened 〰️ crop: @outdoorvoices mat: @alwaysxalways but you already know 🌿
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Loving this quote from @ameskiefer: “The other day my 20 month old and my 3 month old watched me lift weights. I want them to grow up knowing mama is strong in many different ways. ☺️💪🏽” Yes, mamas, you are strong! 💗#teamHealthyWomen
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Woke up this morning with swollen eyelids and feeling bloated and cranky thanks to shark week so you can imagine how difficult it was to find motivation to work out. BUT.... a little pre workout, I pushed play and got it out of the way. 💪🏻 now for superfoods and some quality time with my man. Happy Sunday 😘 #realtalk #womenshealth #reallifeproblems #fitnessmotivation #momstrong #committed #noexcuses #obsessed #sundayvibes
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That great feeling when you have a productive Sunday! Managed to plan tomorrow’s #funfitfatloss HIIT/CIRCUITS 🏃🏼‍♀️, went to the gym 🏋🏼‍♀️, went food shopping 🍏🍳, took out the dogs for a walk with my parents 🐶, cleaned my house & did all the washing(which we have a lot from the gym and Work) and cooked dinner and our lunches for the week! Love it when you have a productive day! Never find an excuse not to train you can always fit it in! 🦋🦄
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You are a #queen and we welcome you to your new happy place 🌷📍
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What’s your favorite flavor of @lacroixwater? I am loving Mango right now! I have to admit - leaving sugar out of my everyday has been a big challenge to me lately. I’ve always preferred salty to sweet, but this craving has caught me off guard. In those moments I find myself looking to any food, salty or sweet, for comfort, I know that what I’m really craving is something deeper that food won’t satisfy. I know that Jesus is ENOUGH and that the food I choose to put into my body should be food that nourishes me and allows me to live the best life that I can for Him. Anyway... if you’re finding it a challenge to fill yourself with something that will sustain, know you’re not alone!
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I used to look at other people’s pictures and want bodies like there’s. Now i look at pictures of me to use as motivation and inspiration to help my reboot2018.
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What makes moms weekend even better? Raising awareness and money for Women’s Heart Disease ❤️ #reddress #hearthealth #womenshealth
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