its fake dumb hoe
Duh stupid bitch can’t you read it does say it’s fake you be watching my page like a episode of Maury
@crimemoney2.0 your honestly pressed asf😊
@crimemoney2.0 just like kims rat infested face
@queenminaj6 ok bitch don't catch an attitude You're always @ me
@crimemoney2.0 Who in tf cares? Your just scared to post a pic of lil Kim 2017-16, quit posting lil Kim in the 90's, we all know she looks like a bloated rat Sweetie get ya coin up before you try coming for the queen 💅🏼. You broke bum ass hoe! You always on my dick. Mind your business hoe
@crimemoney2.0 Lil Kim was never the queen and will never will be! The only queen she will be is the queen of plastic surgery fails🙄 mind my own business? Your always in mine! I see your snotty ass in comment sections on my friends posts, so who's really the pressed one? My friends are a part of my business so don't be the one talking😂 *yawwwwwn*😴😴😴 bye garb you're tired. Like I said, mind your business. I never @ your irrelevant ass yet you choose to chyme in every time 😴
@crimemoney2.0 your @ ing me right now 😂 and like I said your always in my friends business being pressed as you are and dropping butthurt comments✌️ I don't give 2 fucks that I keep @ ing you, that's the definition of drag🙄 Of course dumb ass trick...because you're always @ me first without anyone calling for you 💀. OK sweetie that's still none of your business. If I wanted to have a conversation with you then I would bring my ass on over to your flop ass page. Hoe please you could never drag me
@crimemoney2.0 Why would I ever conversat with your pressed ass? You be making multiple hate accounts and going private and shit, if you where tuff you would allow the barbz on your page, what in tf do you expect me to do? Wait until you @ me first? There's a difference between defending and being nosy sweety just like there's a difference between ugly(lil Kim) & pretty(Nicki Minaj)😂 Bitch are you dumb??? You're asking that question when you literally go out your way to @ me 💀💀😴😴. Lmfaooo you literally are a dumb ass. The comments on mg main account are open for anyone to comment 😴 It's not a problem for me to drag any of you bald headed bitches
This is a vibe!
@crimemoney2.0 damn you felt salty asf last night when I went to sleep I think you need some water with that salt lil baby oh wow y’all crazy 😂😂😂
@queenminaj6 Bitch that's called checking a bitch and putting her in her place 💅
@crimemoney2.0 ok I guess
i wanna work with you send me a follow
@iamsayiboy cool
Ethan and Nicki ❤️ at Disneyland ❣️😇 @ethandolan @nickiminaj #ethandolanedits #ethandolan #nickiminaj #nickiminajedit #dolantwins
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three queens who stay slaying the game -temporary post ! -cc: xadoreagb -ac: sesi on soundcloud -dt: @trapsvogue LOVE U B💛 -sc: @seremndipity 💞 [ #omgpage #fendigrp ]
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