I listened to every word that the remarkable kids spoke from the rally stage in the heart of the nation’s capital, living proof that no one is ever too young to affect change — a teen whose twin brother never returned to the room they shared their entire life; 11-year-old Naomi who is writing a new script that changes the narrative for black girls and women to one she wants to read; a 16-year-old from Chicago who is “tired of crying for help to a group of people who’ve turned their backs” on the voice of a nation and those too oppressed to speak for themselves; an 11-year-old whose best friend was shot at age 5 and is now turning his pain into action, so other boys don’t have to deal with gun violence and can play basketball in peace. I thought of the devastated face of my closest friend’s young son at his father’s funeral, never to take another breath after being shot in the street, all of us inconsolable — and wept some more. • We need more. We deserve more. We demand more. • (Post 3/4) marchforourlives
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Assault weapons are an assault on our future. Kids should not learn to dodge bullets before learning to read, leave school in a body bag in place of a cap and gown, have lessons in hiding places instead of history. Arm students… with pens and pencils, knowledge and funds, tools and information to soar. Protect our children, not guns. • We have been fighting this same fight for far too long. Yet nothing has changed, other than increases in the frequency and magnitude of massacres and death tolls. We are survivors – of gun violence. And silence. • (Post 2/4) #marchforourlives
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I wept today. I wept in the arms of strangers-turned-family on the streets of Washington DC. I wept with, for and alongside parents who lost their children in Sandy Hook, students who lost their best friends at Parkland, Chicagoans who buried their little brother. Inescapable, senseless gun violence is all too personal with names, photographs, stories of beautiful lives cut short and communities shattered. • Enough is enough. How many more human beings must die? Innocent people of all ages, all backgrounds, all genders, all races, all faiths, all walks of life gunned down. We truly are in the #MarchForOurLives. • The phrases of Never Again, Not One More, Enough are frequently employed, but how do we achieve that? Forget thoughts and prayers; call for concrete policy change. That means registering to VOTE, making our voices heard, taking the power to the polls, holding politicians accountable for the safety of citizens every single day. That means listening to, learning from and following the next generation who are rising to lead where adults, governments and elected officials have long failed. • (Post 1/4) whyimarch bethechange
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AMAZING day out here in Austin, TX!  HUGE showings all across the nation and the world today for the March for Our Lives rallies.  The turnout in Washington D.C. is being estimated as the largest single day rally in D.C. history!  Not to mention that it dwarfed the much disputed attendance of Trump’s inauguration ceremony.  THIS is what democracy looks like!  People showing up and gathering to make their voices heard together.  Together we are stronger, together we are louder and together we can send a message that we won’t stand for the status quo any longer.  If we can start making progress on gun control, possibly one of the most entrenched arguments in modern politics, we can absolutely move other issues forward that strengthen our democracy and push back against the powerful monied interests that hijack our legislative agenda throughout our nation.  Let today be the example of how we achieve these hard fought goals.  One lesson to take away from today, listen to the youth of our nation.  They truly are our future, and we cannot be more proud of them right now. 🇺🇸✊ -> Get your copy of the Constitution here! ➡️ http://bit.ly/StandAgainst45 ✌️ 10% of ALL orders will be donated to the United for Puerto Rico relief fund. . . . ✊You can also donate directly to the relief fund at http://www.unidosporpuertorico.com/en/ ❤️ . #resist #resisttrump #theconstitution #constitution #freedomofspeech #1stamendment #4thamendment #dumptrump #impeachtrump #impeach #theresistance #democracy #antityranny #defendtheconstitution #unity #reunify #truthwillprevail #itsmuellertime #notmypresident #notmypotus #notonemore #hurricanerelief #enough #puertorico #persist #parkland #neveragain #guncontrol #marchforourlives
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We are here to call BS on the NRA, and to stand with the victims of gun violence and say Never Again. We must continue to fight for meaningful and effective gun control/safety legislation to ensure that mass shootings do not happen again. We must remember to write and call our local representatives, senators and congressional leaders every day and demand change, or else we will Vote Them Out! ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿🌈🕊️🙌🏛️☮️ #MarchForOurLives #WeCallBS #ENOUGH #RESIST #gunsafety #guncontrol #Parkland #NeverAgain #NotOneMore #vsco #EmmaGonzalez #photography #protest #rally #politics #signs #art #activism #activist #feminist #vscocam #instagood #instadaily #SheShouldLead #TheResistance #photojournalism #VoteThemOut
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I am soooooooooo proud of this man. I had the hugest crush (still do) as an awkward, meek, self conscious, self doubting teenager when he showed up on the Real World Philadelphia. He is my first reference of a black, gay man who was well spoken, good looking, respectful, intelligent and not effeminate (nothing wrong with effeminate men either). Thank you for being a lighthouse in a VERY dark sea for me and others like me and for continuing to elevate and get better since that time. I appreciate you so much more than you will ever know. And you phine! @karamobrown 😍😫💯 #karamobrown #realworldphiladelphia #Repost @karamobrown ・・・ Friends, we are living in a divided culture but today we came together as one! I had the honor to to speak at the @humanrightscampaign pre- #MarchForOurLives event and want to share it with you. #NeverAgain #MSDStrong #Classof1999 #missmewiththebullshit #smashthepatriarchy #theresistance #intersectionalfeminism #myfeminism #malefeminist #hillaryforqueens #intersectionalfeminist #bluewave #imstillwithher #upoutmyface #yougottherightone #imnottheone #nottodaysatan #imstillwithher #missmewiththebullshit #myfeminism #blackboyjoy #melanin #blackgirlmagic #blackgirlsrock #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtqiapd #younggiftedandblack #representationmatters
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My fave sign from today’s March ✊💪
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