Keeping an eye on the Tubbs Fire flare up from our front yard this morning, inching it's way up and over Mt St Helena into Lake County. We are on advisory evacuation. We are lucky. We have time to pack, time to gather our pets, our important paperwork, our pictures and items close to our hearts. We have time to get out. So many didn't get this luxury. We are so sorry for their losses. At the same time, we are so thankful for those on the front lines, the volunteers, the donations, the communities coming together to help all those affected by this apocalytic event. At times like these, humanity shines and it's a beautiful thing.
yes, well said! be safe! hoping your home stays safe and out of the fire’s path!
Oh please be smart and leave as soon as you need to. I was thinking of you when I heard Calistoga had to evacuate.
@barbaraannscreations kinda feel like a pro this time around. We've been on high alert for 3 years now. Packed and ready to go. Thanks for your concern ♥️
Wow! Cannot believe both of our homes are threatened by the same fire!! Praying for you guys. Hugs.
Prayers being sent your way! 🙏💞
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