One of my favourite quotes is from Harry Potter "Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light." . . . Sometimes we need a friend, a loved one or a professional to remind us of this. Counselling is about the therapist helping you to turn the light on. To support you. There is no quick fix but support and care can make a huge difference. It's not always a "cure" but a safe, confidential and ethical place to explore... . . . #counselling #harrypotter #together #potterheadforever #therapy #therapist #instadaily #depression #anxiety #selfcare #selfworth #selflove #mindset #wellness #wellbeing #support #stressed #lightinspired #compassion #metoo
That is actually my favourite quote!
@enlightcounselling it's great isn't it ? I love it. I loved the books did you ?
@kissthech3f thank you 🙏🏻
@thetherapycouch I Love The Quote. I use it a lot! Never watched the film or read the books but they are on my to do list!
You have to lose your mind and come to your senses.. Lead with your heart not ego or hate Love More Love and light #meditate #mindfulness #innerpeace #lifegoals #lightworker #indigo #highfrequency #selfrespect #selfworth #loveandlight #kundalini
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Shame is insidious. It creeps into your body and rots it from the inside out. Are you aware of your shame? The message you will hear is "I am bad." It will show up in all sorts of ways, but the message is always the same. "I'm not worthy. I'm not valuable. Im a loser. I suck." The power of shame is that it lies hidden. Nobody wants to admit they have shame. And so it grows in the darkness, becoming more and more powerful. We have both dealt with our shame in the past couple of years. The hardest part is recognizing it, acknowledging it and talking about it. Once you begin to shine the spotlight on it, it will begin to dissipate. The really dangerous thing about shame is that it keeps people locked in suffering, sometimes for years, sometimes for their entire lives. It feels like a big monster, but in reality it's a tiny spider in the corner. Once you realize this, it's easier to speak about it and squash it. The first step is always awareness. You can't change what you can't see. Are you aware of the shame message you are listening to? What is it saying? Let's out our shame!
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Choose yourself ❤️ . The grass always seems greener on the outside & we always seem to be drawn to seeking for things that we aren’t or don’t have. When you think about it, it’s pretty self destructive to consistently be looking & seeking for something which isn’t ourselves & it’s like its sometimes hard to be satisfied with what we are - how tiring & draining?! Imagine if your friend admitted to you that they were feeling that way, we’d all be sure to reassure & convince them to not feel that way in a heart beat . More self worth, more love for ourselves, more appreciation for waking up everyday with a body that functions, carries & consistently helps us to digest food, pump blood to our organs, inhale & exhale oxygen & vibrate for us. Without knowing, really, the moment we wake up, go to work, live our lives, we DO choose ourselves! Everyday we decide to do the things that make us happy we choose us, we DO us & we accept ourselves. ‘Each morning we are born again. What we do today matters most.’ . Someone once told me we are the weather makers which has stuck with me ever since I heard it. We do choose the weather of our days, we do choose what it is we want to feel & how to be, we are in control so let’s make a conscious choice to choose ourselves ✨Thank you for including me & my story in the latest #powermovesfitness blog post - check it out in my story #selflovewins 💫 . @puma @pumaperformance ❤️ . #selfworth #selflove #appreciate #selfcare #love #life #family #happy #gratitude #thankyou #thanks #world #universe #goodvibes #goodvibesonly #monday #you #body #girl #confidence #selfconfidence
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Simple practices can make a big difference. ❤️ @EmilyJoyRosen @The.Empowered.Woman #couragemylove #justwakingup #healinghearts #secretkeepers
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It's been a few weeks into 2018 - a time when new years resolutions start dwindling and as you get back into the hustle and bustle of work life, family other responsibilities it is easy to forget you even made goals in the first place. Most resolutions don't see the light of day by the end of January. ⭐️ It is always nice when a new year dawns because it gives us a chance of renewal and hope for better things to come. On the one hand: we want to experience entering a new year whille leaving bad vibes behind, excitedly sharing our planned goals and changes with people around us. On the other hand we fall into this dream of experiencing and becoming this new person because of the "hype" surrounding this day that we fail to realize: just because the date changed from 2017 to 2018 it does not guarantee we ourselves are ready to make changes. ⭐️ Now don't get me wrong there are people who make a resolution and achieve it. This is the minority, and what differs between these folks and the ones who forget or give up is merely an awakened mind set and persistence. When a person comes to a full realization by looking WITHIN themselves they develop an unbreakable strength to grow (not because the date changed). You can enter a place of awakening your mind by spending time with yourself e.g meditating. TIP: Don't just join a gym, start a fad diet and hope for the best! -- Tap into why you select unhealthy food choices! Get out of denial and tell yourself the truth. Jot down what makes you over eat. Do some journaling - write down feelings and triggers. Do you eat when you are bored, watching TV, when life goes horribly wrong, for comfort, etc. Persistence is vital in accomplishing goals and this is a no brainer. You want something you keep at it. You make a lifestyle change not a few temporary decisions. You change your daily habits. Be strong. Be confident. Be good to yourself. Spend time with yourself and create some realistic goals that really are in tune with who you are as a person and who you ideally want to be in this lifetime. Then you will not have to continually remind yourself to achieve that goal, you just will. ❤️ 📷: @bruisedpassports #goodvibes #positivity
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The Authentic Woman always leaves her mark on the world...and also on her coffee cup. 🌿 I am thrilled to be a part of Vol. 2 of @theauthenticwomanseries publication! This issue is all about embracing failure & being brave. There are so many times in my life that I have been discouraged my shortcomings & flaws, but you have to look fear in the eye and build yourself back up. • • I am so excited to share my story with you all. Follow along with @theauthenticwomanseries and @ashton_m_long to get your copy of The Authentic Woman Vol. 2 when it is released! 💛 📷: @mikayla.shyanne
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Holy fridge goals 🙌🙌 things that make me happy: rainbow food 🌈 healthy food 🌿🤸‍♀️ organisation and colour coordination. That’s a nutritionists dream right there! 😍
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