This is ugly and I'm sorry. But the Degrassi YouTube posted Got Your Money part 1 and I couldn't help myself. :p #Zaya #ZigNovak #MayaMatlin #Degrassi
Hey, you might find this to be an absolutely random comment, but no, it isn't, because these words that I am typing down here are for you from the bottom of my know what love? You're an amazing person. You might not know that yet, and might not think yourself as wonderful. Well these days do come in our lives. But what you need to realise is that you're strong enough to fight this and deserve so much more. You're worth all the happiness and are strong enough to achieve what you want. Don't let anyone stop you from what you love doing, fight for what you know is right and just as when you feel like giving up, remember that I KNOW that you can make it!  Life does have beautiful things waiting for you. Never give up hope because it keeps you going. Stay strong, stay beautiful and unique. Have a wonderful day❤️❤️
@thoseriverdale I don't know that to say. This is very sweet. 😢 Thank you. 💕💕💕
Lola knows all the signs cause she has them 😢 Credit: @akadegrassi
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.:✧。 『 17 × 01 — #breaktheinternet 』 ———— this is a remake of something @dehgrassi did a while back so creds to them 😊 ———— sorry i stopped posting abruptly, i had to get caught up in my math class ———— q: [nc s3] or nc s4?
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1.06 where is spencer's award for his acting in this scene #degrassi #degrassinextclass #degrassinc #degrassiedit #hunterhollingsworth #goldinahir #mayamatlin #zignovak
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the originals yes this is a plot twist ac @aouria
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Because season 3 was my fav season. I wanted to do an edit of my favorite scenes from each episode. | S3E2 #IWokeUpLikeThis | •Okay so this scene really pissed me off. I know I said i’ll post some of my favorite scenes but this scene had me shook and mad so i’ll throw that in my favs cause I liked it so I guess 1) Because Zig basically called Esme a slut. Reason why I got pissed off at Zig is because he’s that dumb to listen to Tiny and Jonah. What’s wrong with giving your boyfriend head? It’s better than getting pregnant. Esme was just trying to satisfy her boyfriend. Has she done it before? probably, probably not. We will never know. Ain’t nothing wrong about satisfying your boyfriend needs. 2) Because Tiny and Jonah were making fun of her. Saying she’s thirsty and calling her Easy Esme. I would’ve slapped them. 3) And finally, because Zig went along with Tiny and Jonah on the messages. He should’ve never made fun of her. He should’ve defend her. #degrassi #degrassinextclass #degrassinextgeneration #degrassiconfessions #degrassiconfessionsedit #esmesong #zignovak #tinybell #jonahhaak
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2.09| I love how maya was so supportive about his relationship after he cheated on her ! #degrassi #mayamatlin #gracecardinal #zignovak #esmesong #zaya
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❦ - I love a glo-up ✨ Also I have know idea what I did with the text it looked empty w/o - Insp: @/strangeraestheticx - Comment below a “🎊” to be tagged in my next edit :) - If you like Riverdale follow my account @varchieskisses - #degrassi #zignovak #mayamatlin
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