• part 12 i forgot i said i'll post again today oops🌝 who do you think mr malachai is talking to? #thehereticofbeaconhills
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☄️☄️☄️ #lilireinhart got some overlays from @alohatemplates
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I can’t wait. Crisis on Earth X. November 27-28. #crisisonearthx #arrow #theflash #legendsoftomorrow #arrowverse #thecw #crossover.
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[Cheryl x Veronica x Quote] — иєω тнємє cσмιиg αfтєя тнιѕ ρσѕт! ι gσт α cнσиι є∂ιт 😉 (tbh I hate this edit but I wanna get to my next theme) — qσтρ: Cнєяуℓ σя Vєяσиιcα? 💜 filter creds: @piercefilters
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[2.06] - Slide for what really happened → — New theme!! Here’s some Choni because, who doesn’t want a little Choni in their life? ❤️ — qσтρ: ∂σ уσυ ѕнιρ cнσиι? filter creds: @piercefilters
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☆ I’m watching Supernatural still. ☆ ↡{QOTP}↡ Favorite color? ↡{AOTP}↡ All. I love every single color. ☆ Answer the question of the post and comment “🐝” to be tagged in the next post! ☆ 🐝Give Life Another Day🐝 🐘Stay Strong🐘 🥑AKF🥑 ☆ ↡{Other Accounts}↡ >> @fxcking.lucifer >> @leather.gunpowder >> @inherited.throne >> @ass.bvtt >> @smiley_j2misha >> @padalecki_wensen ☆ Credit: @biggest_CW_nerd ☞ Please tag me in the comments if you repost it, thank you sweethearts~ ☆ Tags: ☞ #theflash #thecw #daniellepanabaker #caitlinsnow #killerfrost #barryallen #grantgustin #iriswest #joewest #wallywest #theflashedits #killerfrostedit
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