What do you think? 💕 - This could be right. Also I’m so pissed that it was confirmed Cheryl and Toni won’t be a thing. Was I the only one? - Follow my brother @riverdale_memmes - Use the code ‘COR15’ for 15% off bettyandveronica.com whole website LINK IN BIO ☺️
@julia_blair hopefully he was joking 😂💔🤔
Agree w caption
I want Cheryl to date a girl 😭😭
@rey_sher chic is fp's son
@samanthawon7 chic is fp's son which is why Hal wanted her to get rid of him.
@rey_sher chic is Alice’s and hals son
@xfunnyxmemes that was never confirmed
@confessionsof_riverdale We Don't Know For Sure Tho......
@confessionsof_riverdale it will be 😂
@confessionsof_riverdale Chic is only Alice's son and Hal knew that she was pregnant for somebody else, that's why he wanted her to get rid of him
who is toni
nah cheryl is gay
Please no Chic and Cheryl 😧
Ew why
SO Possible
But I really want her to be with a girl
but what is chic isn’t hal’s. then they wouldn’t be related.
I was thinking that if Chic is not Hal's son, so what if he and Polly are going to have something (because Hal is the one related with the Blossoms)
Who the fuck is chic
Please no incest in general
Wait when did lili say that there would be more incest???
Chic is probably FP's
i would have to see what chics character is like tho to approve of this
I kinda feel like it’s could be Betty and Chic just because the producers said that bughead was in trouble.
I have a weird feeling that it will be Betty and Chic before they know they're realated
Or that Chic and Jughead are gonna be brothers like the father is FP
@scofieldpaul that would make Cheryl bat shit crazy then she already is
@__oojuliaoo_ chic is hal's kid...i think
Chic? Ohoh @halliayn danggg
I think that will happen! Or maybe Cheryl will have a fling with Archie...
Cheryl and Toni won't get together? ????
Hell nah💀
I think her love interest is Josie after seeing how Cheryl acted around her in 2x02
I feel like chic's dad will be FP ... the character that plays him looks like a mix between FP and Alice so they Cheryl and Chic may not be related
Wtf man
@allie.__z maybe, why not add more incest? 😂😂😂
Wait it was confirmed Cheryl and Toni won't be a thing? Where?
Who the fuck is chic?
@idiotsandwichxoxo AHHHHHHHHHHHH
Whos Chic hahah
@fiftyshadesofgallavich @hartdenton betts bto
Maybe it will be Betty's sister and Cheryl
@medusa_is_potato thanks!
@fiftyshadesofgallavich np
@slay_princess_2k17 bettys brother i think
Aw Cheryl and Toni 😭
Aw Cheryl and Toni 😭
@_halli._ most likely not.
@charsteuble kj Apa said it in an interview
I never heard there would be more incest
@lizettexcordova I meant Betty's brother
@_halli._ ohhh
That’s what I was thinking
Maybe it’s his long lost brother
but at the same time Choni is most likely gonna happen idk
Also, who is Toni? Did I miss an episode or something
What about chic and Kevin?????
They said Cheryl is going to have a girl love interest
@ruby.t_004 u have to read the comics
@carlson74_wilson43 ohh ok
I think Cheryl and Toni
I wish there wasn't incest in riverdale. It's disgusting
Remember when Veronica called out Cheryl for being in love with Jason? I think it's trus
Who’s chic???
@carlson74_wilson43 who said that?
@diamondyayo @scarysavana It’s Betty’s long lost brother
geez I want Cheryl and Toni HAHAHAHAH
I want that lol
@mysticsriverdale same
Chic and Cheryl... Naah
my point exactly! bcs they said that cheryl would get a love interest that would make us jaw drop and yeah
being a 3rd cousin is like a long distance relative, I dont think they share the same dna. So to say its incest is debatable. Im already pissed they made Jason and Polly like sibblings
idk if chic's going to be a love interest for cheryl, but it's possible. i would say josie-cheryl though
cheryl’s actor said her love interest for season too is a girl so🤷🏽‍♀️
@scarysavana Betty’s long lost brother
I want chic and cheryl
please no incest
we’ve had enough incest
@juggieisthename well shit
Please no.incest, it's wrong
Oooh @_sarahbonnici
@ktmylady @tvs.page
I think she will be with Josiw
cheryl and bettys brother?!
@hotdamnitsnat never watch game of thrones
Chic and Kevin 💕💕
@daixxwild nope 😂 and I don't really want to tbh
@hotdamnitsnat it's pretty amazing if you can ignore the violence and the sex
@hotdamnitsnat And the language
I REALLY want Cheryl and Toni to date omg
@tthatssorachel KJ Apa confirmed it won’t happen
@bebbchen aha daher also😂
Who is chic who is tony
@nashblueeyes chic is Polly's and Betty's brother and Tony a girl from the south side - a serpent
OMG this would be kinda amazing. I don't care about the 'incest' cause it's way too far to matter - I mean they are third(!) cousins…
@candemolfese_fan oh I didnt know their brother has a name since they never mentioned it in the show.. but probably theres reference to him in the comic books, cause i never read it. Thanks btw 😊
I never read the comics either but I think I've heard it and anyway the Cooper's are the only one I know who are related to the blossoms and so the only possiblity is Betty's brother :)
@cyanide_coyote ???
@riverdaleforyou they’re not related??
Who is chic
Or jug a beth
@sentedcandle Betty and Polly’s long lost brother
I think it’s going to be Chic for sure
@juggy_sprouse i want her to be with Toni
@juggy_sprouse samee
I think bughead will spilt up and then Betty will need a rebound so she finds chic and then they realises chic is her brother
@_smittywerbenjaggermanjensen_ ii
They said cheryl will have an unexpected love interest and yeah I agree with people, chic and Cheryl :)
Polly and Cheryl
I want chic and cheryl
Juggy and betty
oh maybe !
Actually Im glad its definetly not toni
@milliebeardsleyeburnex YESSS
Wait what if it’s Jughead and Betty bc they’re is something between Alice and FP
Agree I've been saying this for awhile now lol
I’m happy maybe her and chic will date but I was kinda rooting for Cheryl and Reggie
@romanyyyaaa wat
I love that
@xfrederiqueex damnnn of miss Betty's broer en cheryl maar das miss wel vergezocht 😂
I really wanted Choni😭
But maybe there is another incest🤔
I wanted Choni but I don't see them together
Who us chic?