He matches the couch and pillows ! Love it! Love him!
Doggo headshots 😊🐶🐩
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He lost one eye, has trouble breathing and starts wheezing due to his past injury, and lost his cuddling buddy not long ago. But he never fails to trust us again. Sometimes I even have a hard time to trust myself. A true gentle soul at the cat shelter. . . www.anushalee.com . . . #cats #tnr #love #cutecats #sheltercats #petlove #katt #katze #kat #neko #gato #chat #rescuecat #rescue #volunteer #catofinstagram #AwhAnimals #TheDodo #adoptdontshop #instacats #adorable #cute #meow #lovemeow #kitty #felines #catlove #sheltercatdiary #gentlesoul
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A beleza nem sempre está a vista, É necessário ter paciência para enxergar... #viralata #rescue #dog #life
13 hours ago
Perebinha ele foi nomeado. Aos poucos foi se recuperando e conquistando seu espaço. #dog #viralatas #life #love #rescue
28 minutes ago
This is a message for all dog owners out there, and for people planning to get a dog. Have you ever thought about the homeless dogs out there, the one that is alone, hungry, cold waiting for someone to pick them up and bring them home? Here is some reason to consider a shelter dog instead of a pup from a breeder. - You'll save a life. By saving one dog from a shelter you'll save two dogs. That one you're adopting and the lucky one which are taking his place. You're also helping people to keep going the good work, and most of them do all these for free. Everything you're paying for is the documents and the treatment. - By choosing to adopt a homeless dog, you’re taking a stand against cruelty to dogs. It is time to stand up and put a stop to overpopulation of dogs. More dogs, less good homes, don't support this. 600 millions dogs are waiting for a good home, don't support more breeding of dogs. Isn't 600 MILLIONS dogs enough? - it's not 600 millions good homes out there. - It doesn’t matter how the dog looks. A shelter dog would love you as much as a pedigree Husky or a St. Bernard would, probably even more. - If you're chosing a stray, they have been living in the harshest weather conditions since forever. Not only are they stronger than most bred pups, they’re much more immune to contracting diseases than those breeds you see on the internet. It's not true that they're all sick, they just need the right treatment - EVERYONE can recover and become totaly healthy again after living on the streets. - You set an example for everyone, not just the dog lovers, but for every person out there. Giving a second chance is one of the most wonderful things you can do, you're actually saving someones life - and everyone can do that. It is important to understand how much of a responsibility adopting a dog is. While you may feel the impulse of getting one home right away, you must know that’s it is not just a decision, it is a commitment.❤️ This dog died cause someone rather paid for a pedigree dog. Wasn't he worth it? Be the change you wanna see in the world.
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