Goodshit brotha!💪💯
Get it boi
@joshua_allswang Thanks Bro
Nice! I like those gloves!
Keep your hands up while you're throwing them kicks. Star gazing isn't what people make it out to be
Welterweight ?
6 hours ago
Pagi ampe sore kerja dijalan, terus malemnya lanjut perlincahan di gym musti pake dopping snack #LMenProteinBar biar #AlwaysStrong ---------------------------------------------------- Gihhh dicari di Indomaret, alfamidi atau di borong di Awas sembarang snacking bisa bikin gendats. Susah kalo udah jadi gembala isinya dikatain mulu, yang belom gembala aja dikatain 🙈 📸 : @gloria_kurniawati
9 hours ago
Weekends are for bacon, beer, best friends, and blatantly kicking some poor bloke in the face causing a bloody nose and black eye. 🥓🍻#whoops #mybad #itwasanaccident #baconandbeerfestival #bacon #beer #festival #bouncehouseaccidents #behoppy #brews #roundhousekick #checkthesunnies
9 hours ago
10 hours ago
I need wine glasses for Christmas, everyone 👏 (My first attempt)
13 hours ago