S-W-I-P-E ➡️ for more Stopped by @eobrewing on Thursday for a little ladies night. We were tipped off to a beer release on Friday night and I couldn’t say no. And it’s always a treat when you can bump into @ianswoody
One of my fav places!!
@dena_vincent we have always loved @edmundsoast but the @eobrewing is NEXT LEVEL
@melindagoes On my to do list now!!
Hello, my name is Jealous.
@cbn_rgrizzle2 put it on your list because this place is 🔥
Oh, I've been a few times. Every Brewvival in fact.
@cbn_rgrizzle2 this spot just opened. A brewery extension separate from the regular Edmund’s Oast restaurant
@melindagoes ohhhhhhhh! Duly noted!
@dena_vincent let’s go!
Hoping to check this out when we're down there this weekend!
That looks amazing 😍😍😍😍
@maggiegwalker it is! I’ll take you when you come visit!