It is FRIYAAAAAY!!!!! And I am glad about it!!! At my gym with the #8amtribe we finish our week with BARRE which is AH MAZING to say the least cuz this girl here in these pics looooves some stretching to help her out. You know what else I love? The journey in the pic of me! Do you have a journey you love where you grew and changed inside and out? In the July 2014 pic there were many parts of me that I was not happy with at all and menopause had (i said HAD cuz I don’t have menopause symptoms now at 52) a huge part in it. I had extreme inflammation in my body and I seriously thought I would be ending my career as a hairstylist because of it!!! I had tried everything that had worked for me in the past to change how I looked and felt but It just did not work. So I knew enough about how I was not getting enough of what my body needed from food and I knew I had to change my gut health somehow but it overwhelmed me of where to start!!! Have you ever felt you had no idea where to start? I also have worked hard enough on myself to know to start gathering info is what I needed to do and that is what I did. I began researching supplement programs because I BELIEVE hands down in the supplementation. After looking at 4 different protocols I chose Plexus. The main reason I chose my pink drink is because it specifically addressed gut health in a simple way and the ingredients were clean. Period. My building blocks are 1st-PLEXUS, 2cd-SCULPT FITNESS and 3rd-BULLETPROOF EATING PROTOCOL. That girl in the November 2017 would not be where she is if I had not started Plexus 3 years ago. Thanks for letting me share.
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Two pregnancies have proven to me that, for whatever reason, my body expand during pregnancy, and even more so during nursing (not all bodies respond to nursing by burning calories, some actually hold onto them because of the intense amount of work the body is under trying to create enough to milk to keep a baby alive for months). By the time I looked up from growing and birthing and nursing two babies twenty months apart, I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror. And yet I also wasn’t surprised by what I saw. I mean, no one knew the struggles the woman in the mirror was wrestling with better than me. No one felt her pain and disbelief and disappointment and concern more acutely than the woman looking back, unflinchingly marching her gaze. 🌿 Things happen to us, all at once and over time and sometimes altogether. But things can be undone and remedies in the same way. @essentrics ran a #essentrics30daychallenge that I participated in as I was curious to see what would happen if I committed daily to 22mins of #essentrics and stuck to it for 30 days. 🌿The first picture shows you what happens when you consistently show up for yourself over a small period of time. I feel better and stronger, more lubricated, agile, and connected to the power and grace of my own body. My pants are, once again, too big, and Im noticing definition showing up where it has never been, even after years of #hotyoga and #vinyasa and too many #chatarunga for which I’m sure my wrists wont forgive me in this lifetime. 🌿The second picture is of the time it really takes to transform not just your body but your life. My goal was to feel even stronger than I did before babies but in a sustainable way. No meal plans. No shakes. No subbing meals out for smoothies. No deprivation or off-limit food categories. I credit my transformation to a lot of things but the root of it has truly been the combination of yoga philosophy/meditation and the super-smart and progressive science of Essentrics. I’m a super busy mom and healer; between classes, clients, and kids, I needed a no-bullshit way to get myself back. I found it. Message me if you’d like help finding your own way home. #selfcare #bodypositive
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Ciao from Milano! How lucky was I to be in the kickoff show? There is long story that goes with this @moncler show and I won’t bore you with ALL the details, but essentially it’s now relaunched as an 8 part collection that will be rolled out one at a time each month called #thegeniusproject. This will meet the demands of millennials who want to buy what they see immediately. Mind you I’m now reading millennials won’t pay $$$ for it, but whatever. Good luck with that 😉 but we do consume fashion differently now. . . So here I am dressed as an Antarctic nun. I never considered a puffy down skirt before but NYC winters can be rough and I do vacation in Gstaad annually so this should work perfectly for evenings in the resort. Or maybe I can ski in this? And brown really isn’t my best color (at least near my face). But I trust @remoruffini knows what he’s doing and I’m really digging these pink gloves. I asked if I could keep them but was DENIED! 🤦‍♀️ . . What I really want is a big plate of pasta but I can’t eat it (carbs) and prosecco is not as good as 🍾 but will do in a pinch. Does anybody know of anything super low cal I can eat over here? I mean besides air and my trusty @tridentgum Layers? Off to my next show in Milan darlings 😘 #halitosismodelseverywhere #preseccoismeh #mfw #over40model #fashionweek #milanfashionweek . . . . . . . . . . #AgingBackwards #over40fashionblogger #Fabover40 #Over40Style #Over40 #Ageless #FountainOfYouth #Over40Fashion #40andfabulous #funnyaf #IgFashion #nyblogger #igersnyc #agelessfashion #over40style #over40blogger #chicateveryage #40plusfashion #40plusstyle #sarcasm #myfashionable40’s
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We all have different skin types so these guidelines are simply guidelines. However, we all need to use Environ’s Step Up Vitamin A creams to ⬆️ the Vitamin A receptors in our dermis. Absolutely. Call us, 310.316.3365 📱, to make an appt to start your bespoke treatment plan from our skin experts. We are looking forward to meeting you & to Future Proofing Your Skin! - - - - - #bespokeskincare #futureproofyourskin #environskincare #agingbackwards #healthy& beautiful #loveyourself #loveyourskin #happylife #bekind #appreciation #actsofkindness #advancedskincare #vitaminA #botox #beautifullips #skin365 #beautifulyou
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Don't let this be YOU‼️#Wynne #ClassReunion #AgingBackwards
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Say what?! Never seen corporate do this before. Become a Preferred Customer by month end and receive our best-selling microdermabrasion paste for FREE! This product is one of my absolute faves. Many refer to it as face crack because once you see and feel what one use does for your skin, you will be hooked! Message me or comment below for more info! #agingbackwards #yourbestskin
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