❧ agree or disagree?
@fatimah_hotaki 😂😂😂
@dolantwins_twaimz_ wtf Betty has a brother? Lmao this damn show
too young.
@kschlappi it was revealed in the end of season 1 haha
Different EYES and he wants to protect betty and I'm guessing if he wanted to protect someone it would be kevin
Disagree. He's too young, protected Betty and Kevin, beautiful blue eyes, and is gone for good.
@iamahotbaguette ah thank you. Hahah I must've forgot 😂
Dis he has no motive, too young, and how would he know so much abt Betty
@dolantwins_twaimz_ Betty and chic have the same father
disagree tf
Disagree what would he have with betty
That would be interesting
The eyebrows are diff
The black hood is older aged
Disagree, Joaquín was too good, and had blue eyes.
@robjraco he looks way too young and way too good
His eyes are legit blue lmao
No he is not wrinkly
His eyes are blue
The black hood is Betty’s brother. On instagram there are many poste who welcome „Betty’s brother“ to the riverdale cast, but he is still not mentioned, also they claim, that he is playing in the series now. Plus, Black Hood told Betty that they are alike, which is also a huge hint for me. Why would Joaquin bond with Betty, he has no reasons? Her brother though, has many good reasons to try to „protect“ his sister from bad influence like Jughead or Veronica
@serpent_scherazade_fasinaaa exactly! And Joaquin eyebrows aren’t as messy at the black hood 😂 besides, what would his motive be?
@robjraco i don't know😂😂😂
But he’s not in his 30s-40 like Betty has down. Plus through the hood he’s not that hot😂
dis bc he has like wrinkles
WOAH THE EYES @hiyaitsclaire
Disagree, there blue eyes😂🤦🏼‍♀️
He’s not a middle aged man
I️ wouldn’t go by eye color because colored contacts exist
@beautytested_ he's in the 2018 episodes that's why. And just like Joaquin, he's not a middle aged man and he doesn't even know his family so why would he want to hurt them?
The black hood has wrinkles
The black hood is the Father of Betty !!
It's the sheriff
@art.by.angie_ and also betty wouldn’t recognize her brother she’s never seen him before
@elizabethgeorge9 true, but that could also be like a metaphor. She would recognize him because they're related, but still I don't think it's him either
hm maybe
Maybe i never actually thought about joaqin
No, I think it's Betty's father
Disagree. It's an old man
@amberverniel how do u know?
But why would he care so much about Betty
@__sahmaaa__ to his eyes and he said by phone that he was at the meeting at school and he knows everything about her sister polly and I saw it on a site
@amberverniel was he at the meeting? I did not see him... (maybe I was focusing too much on Fred and Alice)
@__sahmaaa__ Yes he was, and Betty ASK the black hood if he was at the meeting and he Saïd Yes
Disagree he's in prison
@anna_gapshes bro what if
the black hood’s eyebrows are whitish grey and he’s in is 30s, i think not
He has blue eyes🙄
Disagree, the Black Hood looks older
DISAGREE smh just because he disappeared doesn't mean he is the black hood
Disagree the black head is taller and more built
@puckvandiesen deze kan ook nig
disagree he's too young
Omg maybe @aaabbyjones
@gressash @bleona_si
I think it’s Betty’s Dad because he has green eyes and so does Betty
@besjanabytycii @bleona_si ju kom thon
@gressash po sosht morw ky
Agree FP could have put him up to it
Whats the back up tho? Cause 1, he wouldn't know as much about betty, 2 he wasn't at the city hall meeting, 3 he left town, 4 his eyebrows way too dark, 5 he is too short, 6 he is too thin & 7 he's too young
It’s a possibility
Disagree the black hood is older and the guy who dissapeard had blue eyes not Green
But Joaquin’s voice isn’t as deep as the Black Hood
@sdsfernandes no ones voice in the show is like that. They probs used a system that makes their voice deep on the phone so they don’t recognize the voice
@ailey.galbreath @golden_doughy_baguette you should also know that the spoilers say we’ve never met the Black Hood. Plus, it’s said that he’s from the Northside.
It can’t be a Serpent bc the black hood was inspire by Betty at the jubilee and it was in the Northside, they could notice it
My Netflix would let me have season 2 because I can’t find it lol
Agree I never liked his ex
No no
Oh yeah he just aged 20 years
@supremesprouse lmao yesss girl
he has green eyes just like the killer so he's the murderer. . . welcome to america
Disagree, Joaquin is actually not a bad person even tho he's a serpent.
@_malou.h ..,,, ik weet het allemaal niet meet
Omg yess
@xnoah.k 🧐🧐🧐
Dis, Joaquin is a gooood person. I love Joaquin to much to let him kill
@emma_hlz._ nee haha
Joaquin is my baby shutup
Wow so many people are forgetting that the black hood is DEFINETLY at least 40
holy shit
But it doesn’t look like him
@mali.ig ikr!!
Disagree and his name is @robraco
And he had blue eyes
disagree he’s too young
1000000000 people have green eyes? smartass
Disagree he’s way too young and sweet
Too young
@rhyitha.xoxo shook
um dis
He’s not old and he’s skinny
His eyes look blue
too young
@ellyweisbrod BRING BACK JOAQUIN
I don't hope so he's my bae
And the black hood had wrinkles
hmmm the black hood looks a bit older tho but u never know
Too young I think 🤔
if you look at the black hood’s closeup picture it is an older man and looks exactly like hal cooper
guys spoiler! The black hood is Betty’s long lost brother who is played by @hartdenton
Ya but black hoods eyebrows are grey
Also his skin around is eyes are smooth but Black hoods aren’t his are wrinkly and rough
Disagree his skin is smooth and he’s definitely not that big 😭
@sanjanaa.n how do you know? I had a theory about that too but I don’t think he’s that big and plus the black hood looks old
@zaddiejuarez welp I heard a lot of people say it hahah but also since he’s in Betty’s family he has green eyes and he keeps trying to prove that they are the same, and he reached out to Betty of all people. He’s probably really angry about his parents giving him away so he’s cleansing the town of “sinners”. And Betty almost looked like the black hood when she put the hood on, and family usually looks alike soooo.
@quinty_ruijtersx well nu begin ik te twijfelen
Do you see how pasty the Black Hood's skin be lookin??? Uh uh h honey 😂😂
Did Joaquin is too good for this life
disagree. and um his name is joaquin. he’s too pure.
@um.no.never he had yellow undertones under his eyes 🤢
No,his eyebrows were white when he was wearing the hood but j' s are brown
he’s too short