Yo guys, I need some help. TB is my first hero on Hero challenge, I have never played with him. Can you give me some opinions? What to buy, which skills to level, talents, etc... Ty very much! Art by ArtOfGreenu from #deviantart #dota #dota2 #girls_dota_2 #videogames #onlinegaming #steam #gamestagram #valve
My build would be 2 javelin , diff and vladmire, among manta and bkb
plain killer hero
plain killer hero
Use diff to pin ppl down , metamorphosis your illustrations, kill ... ez pizi
lvl up skill set 3,2,3,1,3,3,1,3,6 then max first sec and ult go Power threads and straight for manta once ur manta comes devastation 3rd skill then we need some hp go like skadi for sure then try SnY then mkb butterfly ez win farms real quick 1 illusion 1 camp and manta for lane push flash farmer
becareful it has low hp armour and be ruthless with metaphors on
becareful it has low hp armour and be ruthless with metaphors on
and donโ€™t even think taking fights when meta CD
ult requires right timing and if too much mmagivlcal then only go bkb
ult requires right timing and if too much mmagivlcal then only go bkb
Dragon lance diffusal are necessary too
ult requires right timing and if too much mmagivlcal then only go bkb
Dragon lance diffusal are necessary too
@morphine_._ you are legend XD
Build would be PT Dragon lance Manta diffusal skadi Butterfly
bkb/satanic/sny situtaional
Just follow torte de lini guide
Pretty much what all the guides say, just make sure u keep Mana for sunder, and have some kind of anti-silence-stun item to stay alive and sunder
Generally if you plan on fighting early you go dragon lance and if not you go mom->manta to farm. You could generally start playing with your team more after dragon lance manta. You'd continue for pike if you really need the mobility
Just buy shadow blade and dagon go low hp in joingle shadow blade then sunder someone amd dagon him
The go some push items
Ez win
Otherwise just go skadi. After you can just go whatever item that wins you fights. Whether it's butterfly, bkb, pike, or assault cuirass is some cases
You just play the farm game most of the time, farming the jungle with your main hero and farming out the waves with your illusions
You'd want to fight to protect your mid t2 or your offline t2 since it hurts quite a lot to lose those towers. You can also take roshan with your team if you're capable of doing so
If you generally get meta first to control the lane and get the early cs, and then level meta and image together. You usually max out image first since you could start farming multiple sources of gold at once at an early time
You can get reflection if your team lacks the lockdown for a kill or you need it to get a kill. The only time that I can think of when you don't want to get meta first is against ta mid, but other than that it's meta first
I only play tb to practice split farming and microing illusions
As for talents the ms one is usually better than the 10% miss chance. It helps you farm faster and helps you in situational cases as well. The 2nd set is decided by if you really need the 300 health. If you do get if not get the attack speed
For the third set it's kind of the same thing. If there are good reflection targets like am or spectre then that talent is pretty good, other than that it's better to get the stats. For the 4th set the range is generally better. Usually the fights end before you get to use two sunders, and when you do almost all the time sunder won't make a huge difference as most people don't have enough hp to have an impactful sunder turnaround
Vazde sam dominirao s njim...A onda sam poceo da igram shadow blade dagon kombinaciju i bilo mi je prezanimljivo ali sam izgubio svaki mec...Eto probaj to nedje..๐Ÿ˜‚ @girls_dota_2
watch some replays of miracle or so and practice him against bits or so
Diffu after boot. Then manta.
Skadi is the most important if you want to win the game
shadowblade -> sunder -> dagon ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Dragon-manta- diff/skadi- butterfly
@akramnurfajri I've done that before and it's pretty cancerous tbh haha but it's so funny
@akramnurfajri the best advice so far ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ *zeus ult now* ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
@khan__solo75 lul ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Manta style core item for tb.
Power thread and rush manta style.. Ez push. Luxury item.. Eye of skadi, HOT, butterfly, hurricane pike, radiance..
I go for skill 2 and skill 3 max. Then skill 1. My starting items include treads, aquila, diffusal blade, manta, then depending on the enemy team,a BKB or eye of skadi
@nomiahmed I forgot dragon lance before diffusal
Mekansm rush, then go for necromomicon. Use necronomicon to scout once then sell it. Then make 2 bloodstone. Instant gg
why am cant fight tb ๐Ÿค”
@fvrith.hvrris Ahaha Thanks Buddy im just 4k scrub stuck in 4k since a year
Lol divine
First boots(ofc)->dagon(lvl1)->sb->dagon(lvl3)->ghost sceptre->dagon(5) ->kaya->manta style->ethereal->aether ->force staff(hurricane pike)
Ring aquila, madness, hurricane, manta, good early item for tb play with take sunder after skill 1 and 3 full
Pray and play, ๐ŸŒš๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
@girls_dota_2 Tb is second most powerful hero after Medusa in this meta. Go pt (switching makes you a god), ring of health, Lance/fs (depending on hp/escape need), manta, pike, bkb, skadi, mkb, satanic/butterfly. For talents- use evasion only if you are damn sure to buy butterfly later and butterfly is only good if you have an early advantage. Otherwise evasion is completely useless because mkb is almost bought by every carry since the hyperstone recipe
Okay *starting item : shield,tango's,and queling blade (i recomend shield because tb too soft when u play lil bit agresive creep would be hit u harder and u get more damage from enemy range hero that item will make u more durable in lane,and queling for give u more damage bcs TB basically have low damage for agility but he got good Atk speed) *early items : Power Threads (more attack speed and damage also status makes u lil bit tanky) huricane pike (give u status and attack speed also give u more range attack,when u use meta morph,u can hit the enemy in safe spot).,linken (TB have a low Hp and Mana regen and this item is good against strong spell target).*core items/late game : butterfly (give
*butter fly good against physcal enemys,skadi make u more tanky,mkb for counter enemy dodge abilty,bkb and satanic ? Hehe thats my opinion..
@girls_dota_2 diffusal is certainly an option but only if you're certain enemies dont have a countergank or a reliable escape potential. Keep a lv 1 reflection (q) before lv 6 and max w and e, because both push and fighting is easy. Take fights only when you're confident you have a disabler or a tank. Tb is just like sniper. sit back and kill and sunder when low. Dont take fights or pushes when metamorph is on cd
And about skills, i dont pick 1st skill and i max 2nd and 3rd lvl 7 i learn Ultimate,talent damage,stat and ultimate cool down.
Tb is not a tough hero to play. It just needs a good sup in lane and farming till u get dragon lance or diffusal and bkb . Just bkb and a good stat giving item then ur set to rampage . If there are not much magic dmg in enemy manta can be used instead bkb too . Tp boot for split push and farming lane to lane is good 2. Others already commented about item build so I won't. But make sure u will have an easy lane to farm or they don't have much heroes that can instant kill you
build armlet and soul ring, reduce ur hp to 1, active shadow blade and hunt, when u get enemy, sunder and dagon, then tp back
Just pick him you may win lamo @girls_dota_2
Like I passed meppo
Max metamorphosis, buy manta, hurricane pike, butterfly, eye of skadi, satanic
@wannnn.ig tb can suck his mana back using his first and am is arguably bad against a hero that is soo physical which tb is
One point in reflection, Max Metamorphosis, then and then conjure image. Talents, as per what you need, because all his talents are good. Start off with a tango, salve stout shield and a circlet. Buy brown boots,quelling blade(situational) complete aquila, stick and then complete boots. If you're having a hard time in lane, feel free to metamorphosize and use the damage and range to secure last hits and harrass your enemies more than they can to you. You have a low hp pool, so stay away from magic burst enemies. Next, get dragon lance, and upgrade it to hurricane pike only if needed. After DL, get manta. No matter what. Even if there is an earth shaker in the enemy team. Manta is your power spike. Not only it gives you two illusions, it does a basic dispel, ie removes status effects, and you need it to purge the silence on you for a crucial sunder. Manta is more of a farming item too, and I know you're decent at illusion micro, so you'll be surprised how fast you farm. Keep farming the rest of the game, and buy whatever you need. Avoid bkb(try to get linkens instead) and try to let someone else get the aegis(since the change to TB's metamorphosis, he's not a good aegis carrier anymore, because meta doesn't stay after death anymore). Avoid fights as much as you can, but help your team where you can when meta is down. as soon as meta is up, push with your team. There's not much any team can do against a meta'd army of terrorblades. Get stat items first. Prioritize stats over crits and all. You'll need it.
I cant use that hero too ๐Ÿ˜‚ so easy die at first game
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