Here’s another lesser known reason to be utterly outraged by the passage of this morally bankrupt and unethical bill . We need to shed light on every single thing the republicans have included in this act of aggression towards the American People. We will never let them pin this vile and inhumane monstrosity on anyone else. They will take responsibility for every single thing they have included in this and for the way in which they pushed it through congress. #republicanshame #2018herewecome #votethemout •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #goptaxscam #notrumpnokkknofascistusa #scienceisnotaliberalconspiracy #climatechange #climatechangeisreal #arctic #corruptaf #whoaretherealterrorists #riseup #wewillnotforget #wewillnotbesilent #wearethemajority #classwarfare #liars #wethepeople #defendthetruth #defenddemocracy #thereisnoplanetb
Im so sick of these damn people!!! When is enough going to be enough?!?!? What happened to all the crazy animal rights people from the 80s and 90s? They need to come back and take care of business. Count me in
$$$$$$ that’s all they care, money in their pockets
Noooooo not good at all! This is not good for the environment, how can it be done without a chance for other countries saying!?!?
The Great Republican Paradox: They claim to love America, while betraying everything it stands for and hating most of the people who reside here. They claim to be the party of Christianity yet they despise the homeless, poor, the hungry, and the ill. They say they love the troops but consistently vote against improving their pay, benefits and Heath care. They claim they are the party of military support but deny pay raises to service members and improvement to veteran benefits. They claim they are pro life but support capital punishment. They claim they are for law and order but ignore a renegade presidency, police brutality and sexual predators if they “need his vote in the senate.” They say they are for less regulations and personal liberty unless you are talking about women's health issues and what bathroom people can use. They say they support the sanctity of marriage but want laws to prevent gays from enjoying the same right. They say they are for liberty and freedom but not if they don’t like what or how you protest. They say they support women's rights as long as they're willing to except $.87 to a man's $1.00 for the same work. They say that they support the worker of America but they don't support them enough to pay them a decent living minimum wage. They say they are against terrorism but have no problem with the KKK. They say they respect women but they supported and elected a man who believes grabbing women by the pussy is ok. They say they are for America but are they really?
I’m gutted over the entire mess
Humanity is all lost , earth will be destroyed soon enough
@dirtywawda 👏🏽 EXACTLY, it's so frustrating!! The titles they give them selves: "Family Values", "Pro-Life (until the child is born), "Fiscally Conservative", etc....but instead there are sooooo many Hypocrites! What I've realized is, it all comes down to Racism, Gun Rights and Fear Mongering about anybody different. I hope they all lose their cushy jobs and some even go to prison!
@dirtywawda bravo 👏👏👏
@bslaterade is this true ?!
soooo was it also an attack on pristine land that belong to the american people when obama opened the arctic to drilling TWICE? jw
@jake_baked_a_cake_ here’s the thing pumpkin.. just because one person does something wrong doesn’t make it ok for another person to do that same thing. I’ll make this real simple for you.. when a cop pulls you over for speeding.. and you say.. but they were going faster than me.. well.. you still get the speeding ticket because you made the choice to make a bad decision.. it doesn’t matter what the other guy did.
@jake_baked_a_cake_ further more.. many environmental activists rose up to defend the arctic while Obama was president.. just a tiny bit of research on your part would suffice to satisfy your asinine question here
@jake_baked_a_cake_ as citizens of a healthy functioning and involved democracy it is our civic duty as patriots of this nation to hold our elected employees accountable. They are not kings or dictators.. they are elected officials.
@jake_baked_a_cake_ as a final thought and again.. a Simple google search on your part would have answered this for you but obama banned drilling on 12 million acres of the arctic national wildlife refuge. So even while he allowed drilling in Alaska he did not allow it there. And as far as fossil fuel discovery goes the world bank will no longer offer loans for this process or fund it because the future in energy is not in fossil fuels.. it is idiotic to destroy habitat and eco tourism as well as pristine beauty for a dying industry.
@jake_baked_a_cake_ no one is suggesting he didn’t do this but you will see that he also banned the drilling on twelve million acres of the national wildlife refuge that the republicans would now open up. The point is there is a difference and either way two wrongs do not make a right. #figureitout
@politicaljunkyard i am no fan of obama nor am i of trump, my original comment was to make sure context was provided and selective outrage was exposed. i agree with essentially everything you’ve wrote
@politicaljunkyard yes- he banned it during the rise of trump - but in the center of his presidency fully supported arctic drilling and did not intervene in the illegal implementation of DAPL...certainly not a big enough difference in policy to make me favor him over any other exploiter of natural resources. never in my life would i ever support republican politicians/policy period. - but the dems are no environmentalist champions regardless of how much worse repubs are
@jake_baked_a_cake_ wrong. As much as the party is flawed there is a huge difference and one that quite sadly we are witnessing now. I’m not sure how much more of a nightmare this has to become before folks can tell there is a difference... what ever point you are trying to make here about both parties being flawed is landing flat because Right now the number one focus is to vote these vipers out. And our democratic candidates are running on more progressive platforms that are often missing to total mark when it comes to the environment but they sure as hell aren’t doing things like reducing safety measures for coal miners and splitting our national parks in half so they can be drilled for oil profit.I’m not a democrat but I will work hard to turn this political playing field around.. and if that means supporting a democrat I will do that. Our inability to find common ground is what the republicans depend on.. so you can bark about Obama all you want now.. his actions pale in comparison to what this administration has done.. allowing exotic animal heads into the country as trophies? You’ve got to be kidding me. There are so many places to put your energy if you care about the environment right now.. looking backwards not one of them.
@politicaljunkyard the reason dems have lost 1,200+ legislative seats over obama’s 8 years and in 2016 managed to loose to the least liked candidate for president in united states history is because they do not represent workers or support progressive policies. if they start championing environmental protection and stop accepting cooperate money by the millions ill gladly support them. as you said, two wrongs don’t make a right. being better than a pile of steaming shit isn’t enough to get my vote. remember- america voted for this monstrosity. how in the world could anyone loose to fucking donald trump? dems managed to do it. and until dems address the reasons people didnt vote for them, (lost 1200 seats and easiest pres election in history) they will continue to not get elected
48 years ago
We will vote their asses out. #goptaxscam
1 month ago
Repost from @alternative_news_media @mentalbrickradio Covfefe was a bill created by Democrat Mark Quigly the bill will archive POTUS tweets so Trump can't delete them by law. The media covered for Mark and has never reported the true meaning of #covfefe #haiti #resist #america #goptaxscam #oprah #DonaldTrump #cnn #shithole #russia #hollywood #feminism #climatechange #impeachtrump #fakenews #dumptrump #nevertrump #resist #fucktrump #impeachtrump #newyork #abc7eyewitness #notmypresident #antifa #dreamer #socialist #impeach #antifascist #blacklivesmatter #daca #california #hollywood #metoo
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@bowtie_427 Where's Trump hiding?!?! Trump only worried about his fundraising in Mar at Lago the money he will be making selling pictures $$$$$ and for his Republican party to pay his and his Son legal fees. MAD he couldn't get his BILLIONS WALL bill $$$$ from tax payers money like he did with #goptaxscam ! AMERICA open your eyes 👀 this is a CROOK! #FAKEPRESIDENT #UNFIT #TrumpShutdown
2 hours ago
Kids raised by illegal Immigrant parents to be racist and to hate America all while living off of American taxpayers. Holding a sign that says: Brown pride Make America Mexico This is NOT immigration.!this is an invasion! Unbelievable #haiti #resist #america #goptaxscam #oprah #DonaldTrump #cnn #shithole #russia #hollywood #feminism #climatechange #impeachtrump #fakenews #dumptrump #nevertrump #resist #fucktrump #impeachtrump #newyork #abc7eyewitness #notmypresident #antifa #dreamer #socialist #impeach #antifascist #blacklivesmatter #daca #california #hollywood #metoo
2 hours ago
A Colorado nurse has filed a lawsuit saying she was fired over her support for Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign. Lizzy Mathews, 65, of Lakewood, filed a suit in U.S. District Court Denver on Jan. 11 against Kelly Torres, nursing manager, and Marc Fedo, director of acute nursing, at the Denver Health Medical Center. The suit calls for Mathews to get her job back, along with back pay and punitive damages for the emotional pain she has suffered since losing her job. The lawsuit alleges Mathews' firing stems from a Sept. 10, 2016 incident, when she was attending to a patient who had once been a high-ranking employee at the hospital. More on this... After the patient questioned Mathews on who she thought would win the presidential election, the suit claims, Mathews said she wanted Trump, and added that she was “praying for him.” The patient replied, “Oh no, I don’t want him.” Mathews said she then received a call from Torres three days later, and was told that the patient had complained about her conversation about the election. Mathews was also questioned whether she asked the patient to read the Bible – a charge which she denied. " #haiti #resist #america #goptaxscam #oprah #DonaldTrump #cnn #shithole #russia #hollywood #feminism #climatechange #impeachtrump #fakenews #dumptrump #nevertrump #resist #fucktrump #impeachtrump #newyork #abc7eyewitness #notmypresident #antifa #dreamer #socialist #impeach #antifascist #blacklivesmatter #daca #california #hollywood #metoo
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