NFL legend #WarrenMoon the latest to be accused of sexual assault. Moon has taken a leave of absence from hosting the Seattle Seahawks radio broadcast and as of press time has not issued a statement. ๐Ÿ“ธ via @thesiplive
Man man what is going on in this crazy world
@mrsmx147 right!!
Everybody is losing their jobs
Itโ€™s 2017 and folks still canโ€™t ask for what they want or better yet take no for an answer
@rome_king_jay_ another one
#OTD in 1970: The NFL began its partnership with @wilson_football. The company supply the league's footballs and scoreboards. No-one made "the Duke" look prettier in the air than this guy though... (Photo Credit: George Gojkovich/Getty) #NFL #WarrenMoon
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