Giving thanks for the fierce, inspirational sisters who take a stand for the benefit of us all. 👸🏿✊🏿👸🏾 Thank you @fortyisthenew40 for being a voice for all of us that can say #metoo. Thank you for being that voice long before the mainstream recognized you, long before white women received the praise you were due, long before we could even hashtag #metoo. . . . #wearemagic #blackmagicwoman #timepersonoftheyear . . . #metoo image by @witchoria ✨
It upset me to see other people getting #metoo credit for something I knew they didn’t start. All white women, argh 😤
Dzieci mi właśnie pokazali niespodziankę od taty 😱🤷🏼‍♀️🤩😍💓💋 #metoo #husband #daddycool #morning
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Attended a breakfast seminar this morning about #metoo and implications for research, organised by one of the largest funding agencies in Sweden #metoo #forte #funding #research #academia #sweden #universitylife #ladyacademic
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Women will be wearing black at the Golden Globes for a very powerful reason. На очередной церемонии вручения премии «Золотой глобус» женщины будут во всем черном в знак протеста против сексуальных домогательств. Növbəti Qızıl Qlobus mükafatlandırma mərasiminə qadınlar cinsi zorakılığa etiraz əlaməti olaraq qara geyinəcək. #womeninmotion #GoldenGlobes #GoldenGlobes2018 #metoo
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MGTOW 101: Rape Charge Becky 👂 👂 What it is an impending rape charge on a nigga. Man you dudes better avoid women like this. Especially if you rich and black and she white. These allegations are nothing but modern day lynchings for a black man. 👂 👂 This chick will be the first one to try and sue lebron for a damn sexual harassment claim. If I was him I'd sue her to cover my ass the same exact night. Let a broke nigga get that close to her and your ass going to jail for something. 👂 👂 If you work around women, never speak to them at work. If you have pertinent information to your job then speak that and then shut up. 👂 👂 If a woman smiles and flirts with you mug her ass like she is stupid. Never give women a leeway to get to familiar or comfortable with you. Be like a Russian and only smile when you hear a very funny joke. 👂 👂 Never exchange phone numbers, even if she is your boss find a male superior to get his number and communicate with him instead of her. Unless he is gay you shouldn't have any issues. 👂 👂 If a woman does this playful bullshit with you getting in your way like Becky on the video. Stop and give her the Mr. T stale face for being playful as hell. 👂 👂 Never ride the elevator when its just you and a woman. I been doing this. If I see a woman in elevator by herself I don't enter especially of she white. You may call it overboard but I call it thinking down the line on a situation. People view me more threatening than I view them, so the precautionary steps must he taken to not end up on the evening news being hauled off by the police over bullshit. 👂 👂 #travel #marriage #sun #girls #usa #melanin #bachelor #redpill #relationships #memes #womenadvice #menadvice #alpha #relationshipgoals #marriage #funny #dankmemes #iphone #girlfriend #metoo #fashion #datingadvice #couples #blackwoman #android #blackwomen #mgtow #feminism #funnymemes #wanderlust #music
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Med anledning av #metoo uppropen var vi på Bilingual Montessori School of Lund förra veckan och träffade alla tjejer i högstadieklasserna. Vi höll i workshop med värderingsövningar om sexuella trakasserier och jämställdhet. Det va så kul att få träffa så smarta, nyfikna och reflekterande elever. Tycker ni att vi ska komma till er skola? Be skolan kontakta oss så ska vi försöka ordna det! 💗 💗 💗 St: Tre glada medlemmar utanför skolans entré.
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Smize it’s monday 🐯 #mondaymood #siamese #orientalshorthair #K&C @oriental_cats_world #siamese_love_
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Winter Grind ❄️❄️❄️ #tremor shaketheearth Photo Credit: @asmarh12
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We zijn wel eens trots, op de jonge mensen die jong, mondig, bedachtzaam en oprecht hun stem laten horen. VN jongerenvertegenwoordiger @mariame_k_ deed dit in @knackweekend over #wateenjaar & #metoo. Voorzitter @nozizwe_d spreekt over discriminatie op de arbeidsmarkt en zo veel meer.
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