So California didn't vote red so let em burn huh? DAMN. I can't wait to see what the Cheeto and Repedophiles have in store for New York 😒
How is the fires considered a natural disaster?
Tired of GRIMY ass Republican bills.
@cwebb3017 Wildfires started by dryness and brush. It’s natural and not a man made fire
Wake up cali
Wtf like really fucking everything and everyone
@delainadashae idk. Maybe a cigarette or something
Then they will burn people out of their homes and take the land.
@cwebb3017 obviously u have no idea what you are talking about....California hasn't had rain for 3 and a half months.
@nikki412 it's not obvious, but maybe I don't. I just know that in order for a fire, you have to have an igniter
@cwebb3017 you never started a fire without an igniter?
@cwebb3017 ever hear of this natural thing called lightening?
@nikki412 so you saying that lightning is causing the fires?
@housewife_101 be careful
They do this all the time especially with hurricanes
I forgot the name of that military drone that shoot lasers like it did the last burning a few months ago
Lmao don’t forget it also says that for every tax dollar spent, a puppy gets kicked!
what else can you expect from republicans
It also eliminates the need to itemize deductions for the large majority of Americans. The only people that this would affect are rich people
So this is why I’ve been seeing earthquake insurance commercials. Born and raised in LA and I have never seen a earthquake commerial, not even after the 88’ quake 🤔
@encyclopedia.bridgetica ... I’m gonna let go of the fact that Arnie is dressed like The Joker and I couldn’t stand him as Governor and just agree with everything he’s saying here. Because every word is true. 🤨😏 @abcnews ・・・ Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger rides a bike through the streets of Paris before speaking at an environmental summit: "It doesn't matter that Donald Trump backed out of the Paris Agreement"🔵🔵🔵We fight for our immigrant and migrants brothers and sisters, we fight for equal rights, our healthcare ,workforce, education and environment ・・・・・・・・・・・・・・#trumpuniversity  #donaldtrump #fuckdonaldtrump #trumpuniversity #KKK #ivankatrump #melaniatrump #WHOSBP #whiteamerica #makeamericagreatagain #makeamericahateagain #drbencarson #duckdynasty #guiliani #sallyyates  #pence #DACA  #roymoorechildmolester #nevertrump #RUSSIANGATE #FLYNNGATE #stevebannon  #angelarye #trumpforprison  #sheriffdavidclarke #conservatives #showmethetaxreturns #boycotttrump #shialabeouf  #dakotapipeline #breitbartlies
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