This handsome man can make my heart melt in seconds but not only that he makes it beat faster and when I look in to his Gorgeous eyes I fall deeper and deeper I love with him everyday. He is my rock while I am his, we laugh together and at each other , we are best friend and lovers, I would not ask for anything different as he is my world and I'm a happiest girl. Babe @josh__jsc I'll be beside you till the very end, like JayZ and Beyoncé or Bonnie and Clyde our love is strong so we ride or die. #love #truelove #couple #couplegoals #mrandmrs #bestfriends #fiance #hubbyandwife #happy #lovers #bestmates #cutecouple #bonnieandclyde #jayzandbeyonce #goals #future #laughs #heart #sexy #hotcouple #standbyme #standbyyou #sidebyside #meltyourheart
What a mate ❤️❤️❤️💯👌🏻🏌️
Your the best Bub Xxx
I love you babe xx
特に目的も無く自転車漕いで撮影旅へ もっとカメラを使いこなしたい… ・ 午後はいつものカフェに行って新作食べたりお喋りしたり。 こうやってお菓子作る人と話してるといろいろ試したくなる。 #cycling #camera #pentax #macrolens #standbyyou #rateart #muffin #sandwich
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・ おはようございます😊✨ ・ 明日2017.12.17(sun)は お店の都合によりお休みを頂きます(><) ご不便をおかけしますがご容赦下さいm(_ _)m💦💦 ・ 昨日からは新作のマフィン 『アップルティーチーズ』 を販売しております! まだ写真がなくてごめんなさい🙏笑笑💦💦 ・ ・ 今日は岩ちゃんがほんわかほんわかお出迎えしてくれますよ☺️🤲 皆様のご来店、心よりお待ちしております! ・ それでは! 寒い日が続きますが楽しい週末をお過ごし下さい😊✨✨✨✨ ・ mai ・ #standbyyou#coffee#cimbali39 #マフィン#ビスケット#スタンドバイユー#latteart#cimbali#チンバリ#ラテアート#ラテアート練習#ラテアート練習中#ティラミスラテ#muffin#biscuit#静岡#静岡カフェ#富士#富士市#富士カフェ#富士市カフェ
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Takový pozdní páteční edit 😇 Snad se líbí ❤️ . . . . . . . Program: PowerDirector Čas: cca 1,5 hodiny @kovy_gameballcz #kovy #staystrongkovy #standbyyou #edit #videoedit
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With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts- Eleanor Roosevelt. Eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle isn’t always easy, but know you are heading in the right direction. Changing the way you eat, think, live, may come with a detox of old emotions and memories. If you fall off the bandwagon, don’t scold yourself, just get back on!
17 hours ago
To me...”drink responsibly” means “Don’t spill your superfoods shake”😂 I was thinking about it today and realized I haven’t had a drink in nearly a year and a half! It was something that I ultimately didn’t serve me during the grieving and healing process. It kept me from actually dealing with my feelings and growing through them. I remember when I decided to stop. I had this vision of myself 5 years down the road on the same path I was on. Sick, tired, angry, isolated, overweight, smoking 2 packs a day and drinking trying to forget my problems. I knew I couldn’t live like that and that’s not what my daughter would have wanted, and my parents deserved more than that. I decided to channel every negative feeling in my life and use that pain to fuel the fire inside me to change. I think it’s very important to share experiences like this because there is someone out there struggling with the exact same feelings. They may get a glimmer of hope knowing that they are not alone and that it is possible to make a drastic life change at any moment. I am not an extraordinary person. I don’t have more willpower than you. I wasn’t born with more discipline than you have. I have had painful experiences, but so have you. I am just someone who made the decision to change and asked for help. #sober #healingvibes #griefsucks #nohangover #youcandoit
17 hours ago
Real mermaids smoke seaweed 🍁
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December 15, how did we get here so fast! Today’s mini reading has The Hierophant, the Eight of Cups and the Three of Swords all working together. It’s not the happiest of readings but there is a positivity that shines through at the same time. Essentially the message says that we all go through hard times (Eight of Cups), and some of those difficult times really cut us to the core of our being (Three of Swords) but we are not alone, we are guided and supported through those times with our faith, family, friends, mentors and messages from Spirit. This time of year can be difficult for many people for a million different reasons. If you sense someone struggling, even if they don’t appear to be outwardly, please reach out and let them know help is there. It might be a small gesture like holding a door open or buying a cup of coffee to brighten someone’s day or it could be as large as connecting them with resources in your community that helps provide food, shelter or a way out of an abusive relationship. If you are the one struggling, please don’t assume that what is bothering you doesn’t matter. Share your problems, your story, yourself. The help you need will show up in unexpected ways to help guide you through. Trust the sun will shine again💨🌊🌨️⛅️🌤️☀️ #ittakesavillage, #youarenotalone, #brotherskeeper, #standbyyou, #darkestbeforedawn, #helpisthere, #supported, #feelthelove, #tarotwisdom, #tarotreadings
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My vibe exactly!! From the time I was a young girl people could not understand my thinking! When I was 8 some nuns in my summer camp had forced to go to church, I rebelled and refused to go. I said out loud to the nuns "I don't believe in this". I was punished for my beliefs. I've always gone against the grain and been an indigo soul. That's been a double edge sword though since, yes I live authentically but have also been greatly criticized. You need a tough skin to live in an awakened state. Be who you are and don't let the projection of others shift you to be something you're not. . .#awakening #keanureeves #indigo #indigochild #againsthegrain #believe #change #standbyyou #bereal #authentic #truth #adventure
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