Our trailer is out!! Some dark subject matter, but a wonderful cast & crew made it an amazing experience! And seems like the perfect time for it to come out. #judyhaim #coreyhaim #coreyfeldman #1980s #Hollywood #ataleoftwocoreys
Proud for you!
@theworldof_cezil thank you!😘
@charliesheen with the #NationalEnquirer over #CoreyHaim rape claims! https://t.co/5IXtZ25Sej
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Even though I don’t really like Feldman, I love the movies he did with my baby 👼🏼💞 {#coreyhaim}
3 minutes ago
What a babe😍 wow we're so close to 50 followers! Thxxxx:)) #coreyhaim
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- she created the 80s for ruby, aidan and lola my audio cc divxnes sc enchanting.mp4 - #lalloronagrp | #lacungrp | #auroralgrp | #grpillicit i forgot the loGO deleting later
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“I don’t love you anymore” - Closer (2004)
7 hours ago
this was my favourite movie when i was 7 oml i used to watch it every day after school 💓💓 - - okay insta killed the quality and audio and i didn’t even bother to edit the user at the end and its 1:21 am so this is trash but oh well
7 hours ago
he was such a beautiful soul who had a tremendously kind heart 💗. {#coreyhaim}
8 hours ago
the love of my life.. Rich was so loyal to Megan and she never appreciated him. like excuse me, you can come to me!!!! {#coreyhaim}
8 hours ago