Rosa Diaz saved 2k17
35 minutes ago
i truly dont understand why ppl think aces are incapable of acknowledging physical beauty like no sharon i dont want to fuck her but shes a goddess and i would willingly let her murder me and i think thats at least a little more romantic than wanting a dick in my mouth
9 hours ago
i finally redyed my hair !!!
9 hours ago
yall the dude who plays kevin cozner is in the good place !! my dad
13 hours ago
is drinking expired milk actually bad for u because i just drank about half a bottle of it before realising it expired two weeks ago (to be fair i just bought it today)
16 hours ago
so it turns out im really good at throwing cheerios into the air and catching them in my mouth guys i finally have a talent are yall proud of me
19 hours ago
i had things to do but its raining rip
21 hours ago
i finally bought more hair dye yesterday so im gonna dye it today if i can be bothered because my roots look grosS also i spent $10 on flower crowns yesterday because i need to fulfil my ultimate gay power, watch out hets this lesbian is going to destroy the world
21 hours ago
also i started the good place yesterday and its really good
21 hours ago
can someone pls win over my mums heart i want a new non-racist step dad
2 days ago
another kiwi thing: i love how much everyone loves rugby!! i dont even really care abt sports and i dont care heaps about rugby usually but we rock and we will kick ur ass honestlY // #mazisakiwi
2 days ago
a kiwi mood™️ is planning to go out and then fucking around for an hour (is this a thing now? yes it is. i wanna talk abt new zealand because we are in fact a country and no i dont fuck sheep) #mazisakiwi
2 days ago