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#onthisday March 18, 2002 Edition of Monday Night RAW is a #Professionalwrestling television show of World Wrestling Entertainment, which took place on March 18, 2002 at the #MolsonCentre in #Montreal, #Quebec, #Canada. ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ The Debut of The Beast Brock Lesnar 👊🤛 #wwe#wwf#wcw#ecw#tna#raw#smackdown#sdlive#wrestling#prowrestling#nxt#attitudeera#brocklesnar#thebeastincarnate#suplex#f5#paulheyman#usa#london
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The Harlem Renaissance artist, William Johnson, was born on this day in 1901. #onthisday #williamjohnson #harlemrenaissance #art #painting #harlem #americanart
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** Elizabeth is taken to the Tower of London ** . . #onthisday - March 18 - in 1554 (which fell on a Sunday- 'Palm Sunday'), Elizabeth, daughter of Anne Boleyn, was taken by barge from Whitehall Palace to the Tower of London - as a prisoner! . . Elizabeth was meant to have been taken to the Tower the day before, but had tried to buy herself time- and freedom- by writing to her half-sister Queen Mary, what is know known as the 'Tide Letter'. By the time she finished, the tide had turned, so she had succeeded in buying herself time. Yet Mary refused to see her, so in the end, she had only delayed the inevitable. . . On the morning of Sunday the 18th March, as she was led through the garden, she glanced up at the window of the Queen's lodgings, hoping to see her sister, but once again was disappointed! . . Elizabeth arrived at the Tower- NOT by Traitor's Gate- but by Tower Wharf- and entered via a drawbridge to the west of the ancient fortress. This could have been no less terrifying, walking past the Tower menagerie with the roaring lions. . . Upon seeing all the guards along the route, she asked "are all these harnessed men here for me?", Sir John Cage replied, "no madam", to which Elizabeth responded, "yes, I know it is so. It needed not for me, being, alas, a weak woman.” It is said that some of the guards were moved by the sight, doffing their caps and crying out: "God save your grace"! Elizabeth was then led under the Bloody Tower, where it is said that she saw the scaffold that Lady Jane Grey had been executed on, which was still standing. . . Elizabeth’s apartments consisted of four chambers, as well as accommodation for her servants of her hall and kitchen, outside the Coldharbour Gate, which formed the main entrance to the inner ward. Like her mother, Elizabeth would need to gather all her wits about her, for the coming days were to be very trying indeed, with scrutinising interrogations, and a near appointment with the executioner.....
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#OnThisDay Aleksey March 18, 1965, the Soviet cosmonaut Aleksey Leonov left the airlock of the Voskhod-2 spacecraft and became the first man to conduct an EVA (extra-vehicular activity). His “outdoor” time totalled just 12 minutes. The slugfest that raged between the United States and the Soviet Union for dominance in space ended with a major victory for the Soviet Union. It was only two and a half months later, on June 3, 1965, that the Gemini IV spacecraft, with Edward White and James McDivitt on board, conducted the first American EVA. The Soviet team of engineers, supervised by the founder of the Soviet space program Sergey Korolev, designed a special airlock compatible with the Voskhod spacecraft series. Additionally, the original spacesuit, used in all previous missions, was reinforced with an extra shell and basically functioned just like a thermos flask. The multimember crew spacecraft was remodelled to include a “spacesuit changing room.” The spacewalking cosmonaut was attached to the craft by a 5-metre tether, which served both for emergency oxygen supply and as a means of communication between the commander and ground controllers. Leonov’s first spacewalk was mostly successful, but did experience a few off-normal situations, some of which were even considered deadly. A mishap caused the pressure inside Leonov’s spacesuit to surge. The suit ballooned, rendering any movement impossible. Leonov opened a valve to release the pressure at the risk of contracting a “decompression disease”, but all went well. Next, he entered the airlock head first, which meant that turning upright was another ordeal. The strenuous physical activity in a heavy spacesuit (weighing over 220lbs) had totally worn him out: he was knee-deep in sweat and had to act quickly. His oxygen supply was also quickly running out. The spacesuit held 60 litres of air for ventilation and breathing, as opposed to modern ones which hold 360 litres. Making matters worse, a fault in the re-entry manoeuvering system had forced the cosmonauts to resort to manual mode, which resulted in the spacecraft landing in the middle of the dense Arctic woodland of the taiga, almost 200 miles away
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#onthisday in 1782, John C. Calhoun was born in South Carolina. He rose to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives, as Secretary of War and Secretary of State, in the U.S. Senate, and as Vice President of the United States. Calhoun served as Vice President under both Presidents John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson. He opposed many of the policies of both presidents but is most famous for initiating the Nullification Crisis in 1832 due to his opposition to the Tariffs of 1828 and 1832. Calhoun and many southerners believed that high protective tariffs favored the North and hurt the economy of the South. He pushed the idea that states could nullify federal tariffs and laws it found objectionable; President Andrew Jackson did not agree and threatened to invade South Carolina to enforce the tariffs. Calhoun resigned the vice presidency in late 1832 to serve in the Senate. For the rest of his life, Calhoun vigorously defended southern beliefs and practices, including slavery. Despite his ownership of slaves and defense of the institution of slavery, a 1957 U.S. Senate committee chaired by Senator John F. Kennedy named Calhoun one of the five greatest senators in American history. Calhoun died on Mar. 31, 1850. #johnccalhoun #southcarolina #nullificationcrisis #ussenate #slavery #tariffs
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On this date last year, Drake released his fifth studio album “More Life”. Drake considered the project more of a playlist, given it’s length of 22 tracks. In an interview with Complex Magazine Drake commented on the project by saying his intention was to “create a playlist to give you a collection of songs that become the soundtrack to your life”. The album debuted at number one, making it Drake’s seventh consecutive commercial project to debut at number one. The album was streamed over 61.3 million times in the first day alone. The cover art of the project features a photo of Drake's father, Dennis Graham, taken back in the 1970s. #drake #morelife #ovo #ovosound #octoberfirm #octoberfirminthecut #rap #hiphop #dance #randb #rhythm #album #musichistory #todayinhistory #otd #onthisday #releasedonthisday #2017 #march18
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In #1983 the first #HipHop motion picture #WildStyle was released. The film featured seminal figures within the given period, such as #FabFiveFreddy, #LeeQuiñones, #LadyPink, the #RockSteadyCrew, The #ColdCrushBrothers, #QueenLisaLee of #ZuluNation, #GrandmasterFlash and #Zephyr. The film has received a large cult following over the years after its initial release. Highly regarded hip-hop albums such as #Illmatic by #Nas, #MidnightMarauders by #ATribeCalledQuest, #BlackSunday by #CypressHill & #Resurrection by #Common, have featured samples from the film. In 2007, the #VH1 #HipHopHonors paid tribute to Wild Style in recognition of its influence upon the culture. The film was also voted as one of the top ten rock and roll films of all time by the #RockAndRollHallOfFame. The film has been exhibited as part of a 1980s art retrospective at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago and the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston. #TWIMH #music #history #musichistory #onthisday #thisdayinhistory #80s
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In #1982 Soul singer #TeddyPendergrass of #HaroldMelvinAndTheBlueNotes is partially paralyzed following a car accident in Philadelphia, where his green Rolls-Royce jumped the center divider on a dark curve and smashed into a tree. Rumors started to spread because his passenger was a transsexual dancer named Tenika (John) Watson, whom Pendergrass said was "a casual acquaintance" who he was driving home. #TWIMH #music #history #musichistory #onthisday #thisdayinhistory #80s
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#onthisday 6 years ago Fernando Torres scored the double against Leicester City in the FA Cup It's one of the best Fernando's performance at Chelsea for me. Enjoy! @fernandotorres #fernandotorres #chelseafc
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