#lomachenkovsrigondeaux I’m ready to get this fight in the books ! Listen to our break down at the Leave it in the RinG network on iTunes #boxing #boxingpodcast #beer #cigar #p4p
I finally give my 2 cents on this one... I always get told to not weave so low. F that. Don’t get me wrong however... I think Rigo should have walked through a few punches with a strong guard, and not try to duck every shot. But I thought Rigo had something good there with his low weave. He just allowed Loma to walk around him like a matador. Loma blocked him with his front foot, but a deeper switch stance could have seen Rigo walk around the back a little and pop up for a shot. Easy to say but if Loma could spin him that way, Rigo could have done the same with a deep southpaw step and a pivot. Then maybe an under the arm upper, as he turned around. Thoughts??? Too many guys today seem to want to Floyd their way through fights and not get hit... if you don’t have the speed early on you definitely won’t have it as the fight continues. Do a bit of blocking, keep your chin tucked and step to them with a stiff leading jabber. Just my thoughts. Easier said than done. #boxing #boxinglife #boxingfan #lomachenkovsrigondeaux #boxinglife
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Shout out my boy @willis_49 Good work on that fight this weekend bro. #boxing #bangbangpromotions #lomachenko #lomachenkorigondeaux #lomachenkovsrigondeaux #referee
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Escucha, Disfruta y Comparte José Rivera y Arnaldo Pérez regresan para analizar sobre el combate de Vasyl Lomachenko ante Guillermo Rigondeaux celebrado el sábado 9 de diciembre del 2017. Aquí el link: https://youtu.be/6AmMVl2al3A #Boxing #lomachenkovsrigondeaux #Sports #VasylLomachenko #GuillermoRigondeaux
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