i think im iron deficient again (it happens quite a lot and i have to go on iron tablets for a few months so it goes back to normal) but my mum wont take me to the doctor because apparently this time well just “have a more iron rich diet” but that doesnt happen so im shaking all the time and i have no energy haha fun thx mum edit: i just mentioned it to my step dad and he said “well done” and walked away love my family
i think oreos have iron eat a ton of oreos
I too have iron deficiency, I either have IV infusions or take a nasty liquid dose daily
ME TOO i have an iron deficiency and my mom thinks doctors are fake or something and hasn’t allowed me to get iron tablets (even though the science behind it is super simple?) bc she wants me to do an iron rich diet and it’s getting worse but she’s still not doing it smh.