#notmysenator. I have not been this mad about an election since the 2012 presidential election. My home state voted for a Liberal Democrat. I will have a full rant tomorrow about this frigging race!!
You elected him, that’s what they said about trump
@senator.mccauly ?? What
Democrats shouldn't let this go to their head! They won against a shitty candidate, by a slight margin! Don't worry, Alabama is not becoming more liberal! That will still be a GOP stronghold in 2060s.
@senator.mccauly ^^^^^^^^^^
Satan in the Design District - I had no idea Marco Rubio was in town!#miamidesigndistrict#notmypresident #resist#notmysenator#corruptgovernment#wheresmydemocracy
26 days ago
I love the fact we have an alternative to Mr. Romney. Romney’s track record speaks for itself......check out @america.strong for some great #MAGA content! #makeamericagreatagain #draintheswamp #notmysenator #colorcountryfirearms #cleaninguputah #rino #nomoreorinhatch #liesanddeceit
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So this is the last thing we need, replacing Orin hatch with Orin Hatch Junior. I pray my fellow Utahns are smarter than voting for this joker. The only reason someone would suggest another person run for their seat is to carry-on their ridiculous narrative. #draintheswamp #maga #draintheswamp #notmysenator #dontvoteforthisguy #colorcountryfirearms #betteroptions #neverromney #orinhatch
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My time at the University of Florida has been marked by countless opportunities to explore, learn, and grow. Being constantly surrounded by students who embody innumerable passions and interests has fostered a unique environment that consists of Gators from all areas of the world. Immersing myself in the Gator Nation, I was able to grasp the significance of being a voice for my community and others who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized. Students of all backgrounds deserve to be represented equally at a campus that is brimming with such a diverse student body. “Every Gator Counts” is more than just a phrase; it is a mantra that has served as a catalyst for my dedication to helping students at UF. Through my experience as a Campus Diplomat and the Vice President of Diversity Affairs in Student Government, I have had the opportunity to learn and understand the needs of the vast body of students who attend UF. The commitment the Inspire Party has to ALL students at the University is unparalleled. It is a commitment that resonates within me and a commitment that I will emphasize within Student Government as your senator. The notion that one person can influence positive change in the world is a concept that has motivated me throughout my life. Right now, my world is the University of Florida. I care about each and every student, faculty member, professor, and worker who work so fervently to make the University of Florida the institution it is today. Join Inspire Party on February 20th & 21st as we aspire to foster an accountable, inclusive, and transparent Student Government. My name is Luke Morris, and I am running to be your College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Senator. #TogetherWeShine #RegPolAdBLima
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Ah, I got it @chuckschumer - it was a good idea until Trump said it. Makes sense. You’re an embarrassment to the great state of NY. I guess their symbol is a jackass for a reason. #hypocrite #notmysenator #cryinchuck #chuckschumer #USA #NY #NYC #embarrassment #identitypolitics #maga #makeamericagreatagain #potus #donaldtrump #republican #gop #conservative #liberal #liberallogic #democrat #politics #donaldtrump
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Al...you aren’t Wellstone...#alfranken #notmysenator
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Why wait so long Al, give the people an early holiday gift and gtfo. #alfranken #notmysenator
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This is what a negative iq looks like
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