What's more motivating than remembering where it all began? #bootcamp #marines #yut #usmc #marinecorps #semperfidelis #semperfi #kill #parrisisland #EGA
@lifesrichard yup!
Brings back memories
@jenny_fromtheblock__ just a couple days till I get to see mine!!!
Why you mad tho?
Acogs in boot camp smh I had iron sights on my musket in Ramadi '06
@jinaciobb lo que te espera chaval...
@frr91 cuando supere eso... no me vas a toser en lo que te queda de vida jajajajajaja
Yes SIR !!!!
@zac_zubi lmao literally looked over at mine and smiled
I literally can’t wait. They can’t send me soon enough.
I'm Australian, but I find the American marines are way fucking cooler.
Wait a sand flea scratchin’ minute. These punks get optics in boot?! Fuuuuck. Jesus wept. Better all make expert.
That’s just what I said! Optics? It must be ruff!
Smh you need to go back @ernest_13 so they can restructure you
Smh you need to go back @ernest_13 so they can restructure you
I leave for Basic Jan 8th can’t fucking wait
@z_b2672 boy, you're in for an awakening.
I sit here sipping on my whiskey and smiling happily about my DD-214
Anybody know the song used in this
Ahhh. Good times. 🤣Salute! 👍🏼
Yyyyyyep! Good ol' days!
Boot Camp
@poolie_short boot...
I want to be marine corps...but I am from Indonesia country,Can the American president make what I want?
Good bless the Marines. I wish more Americans would serve.
@ladybird_amer as your company commander... I really feel like yelling at you right about now 😏
@z_b2672 it's all fun in games till you hate your life to the fullest. Can't wait to sign my dd214. Worst move I've ever made.
Naw fam
It's about the national guard
@amnah.amer bites lip 😏
@jtsorey how come
Joining the army would be nice if they didn't control every aspect of your life while your in service
@kevdoobs Uh... You probably have more freedom than in the Marines.
@supreme.bg_ I do because I'm a civilian, I'm saying the military controls your life when you're a soldier
@bryson_weniger_ I can’t waittttttttt
@kevdoobs then join the reserves guy.
@king_george_ii true
@jeremesischka they do serve just not the marine corps
@king_george_ii true, but as a whole the citizens take the military and their freedoms for granted. At least I feel that way in California.
@king_george_ii BTW thank you your service. Doesn't matter to me what branch people join as long as they contribute to the country as a whole.
@christian_sheridan problem?
@poolie_short it’s not basic... basic is the army, in the marines it’s boot camp. If you’re planning on enlisting I would hope you would at least know where you’re going and what it’s called. Make sure to call the guys yelling at you Drill Sergeants, they’d love that too
@christian_sheridan will do 👍🏽
@reese.butorovich @tony.butorovich @ronda_butorovich been there done all that👊🏽👊🏽GOODSHIT
@travis_kerr22 @isaiahgillette1
Embrace the suck!!
@brendan_lydon remember the Asian dude!
@coopc_12 the guy getting yelled at while holding the bag looks like you
Nobody takes dick in the ass like Marines do...The few, The proud
Semper Fi
@cj_johnson52 I legitimately thought that was me for a second
Hello stranger, it's my birthday and happy birthday
@ghifary_98 If you become a legal resident of the US you can enlist. http://work.chron.com/join-us-marines-foreigner-19967.html
@job419 thx for idea
God bless America
Jerusalem the eternal capital of Israel
Fala comigo
Hhee, emocionante @gideaocarioca
@shellishane Yes, Trevor put them on my feed! Lol
That Asian drill couldn't drop his voice to sound intimidating 😂😂😂😂
@shane_welborne it’s our sdi yooo
With all do respect- Damn... Nevermind about going into the armed forces there's no know way I can handle a man yelling in my face 😂 I'd say something I'd regret... Not gonna work out. But to the men and women that can handle the marines....RESPECT! I got 2 in the family. It's not for everyone...
@csmith7413 recognize a few people? Haha
BOOOOOOOOOOT @jacob_higgs43
@annamates flash back Friday
Baaaam FRESH!!
@graham_cracker03kill yut
cool 💪
C'mon Devil Dog! Put some base in your voice!
Main packs online ready move
Scopes in boot now? Wtf? Man, times have changed
@coleman_olbers cold chills man, god im hype
That's why I got my Masters Degree 🤣 I couldnt do it its already a war in my hometown Newark New Jersey
I do. All the time! Oorah!!!
ACOGs in boot? Really? Seriously? They should qualify with iron sights first then familiarization with the ACOG and M68.
Optical scopes in boot camp? Must be nice!
@vdodyn crack that glass, what do you do then? BASICALLY F#ED!
@gemzie85 well he could scream in my face any day 🤣🤣
God bless the marines Awsome
That’s my Senior Drill Instructor 😂 much respect for that man
Nice 4x scope and lvl 3 helm, guessing you got a few kills for that aye?
Motto motto gotta lotta motivation...YUT @marines
Drill sergeants are HOT!
Assholes won't take me bcuz of my background it's bs I'm willing to do anything for my country
@marlayna66 They're not Drill Sergeants...
@terryroy_ excuse me.. Drill instructors!
I go september 3rd 2018
@rolex.nd Drill SGT. 😂
OohRah Devil Dog Semper Fi!!
"Gas gas gas!!!" That was fun!!!! Throwing grenades into a canyon, humping Mt Muthafkr, running 6mi daily, Staff SGT WARMACK FELL IN THE MUD... I LAUGHED....I PAID!!! FACE FIRST 90+ LB ALICE PK. IN THE RAIN... SHOVED FACE FIRST INTO THE MUD!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️ I LOVED BOOT CAMP!!!!
Edson Range... Shot my first M 16 A2 and .45 in 1985!!!!! Ooh Rah!
Platoon 1112 Bravo Co. 1985!!!!!!! Went in @ #185 "fat body"... Came out #185 "lean, mean a Fighting Machine." I can say that I honestly loved all of my DI's!!!! As soon as The parade was over!!! Senior Drill instructor SSGT PENA, SSGT WARMACK, SGT GRANBERRY, AND LAST (BECAUSE HE TOOK MY MADE ME 2ND SQUAD LEADER.. 2 DAYS B4 GRAD DAY!!!!) "SAY IT BUT DON'T DIARY IT" SGT GLEESING!!!!! THAT WAS SOME OF THE BEST TIMES IN MY LIFE!!!! #DIETPVT STILL GOT MY MERITORIOUS PROMO TO PFC!!! #NAILBITER!!!!♥️♥️♥️4MYDI'S
They don't need deep voices to be intimidating
@explorer_marcos87 so ready lol just need to pass my tests lol
Full Metal Jacket there
@mrsal3x @jm_era @suckerpunch4u_
Im such a baby this marine yelled at me and i started crying..im not like tht anymore i think
I love marines
I wanna go
I’m gonna fucking die @aubreee_16 @brenden_cryer
@markokepi —- semper Fidelis!!!
That was my senior big asain man, staff sergeant song. Charlie company baby.
@larissakaukorat , @jennifer_bauer90
This is where the Mind Programming begins...satan works thru the minds of these FOOLS and succeeds....Judgement Day is near we'll see how big and bad they really are then when the YAHWEH Judges them for the wicked acts
@luchiniboss how about Fuck you. How about we Marines are the avenging angels of the Lord? Asshole.
@sgtfathead 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣a WHITE DEVIL wants me to BELIEVES what THEY believe😂😂😂😂😂😂😂....Check YOUR ENTIRE HISTORY on how you MURDERED PEOPLE...and still DOIN IT.....WHITE......D E V I L🍻
@luchiniboss your obviously a troll
@northbrock57 White Devil......Y U Mad???????????
He sounds like a little kid no authority whatsoever in his voice junk
Family adventures! ⭐️⭐️“I may not be the BEST but nobody will ever out WORK me!” ~ A.C. ⭐️⭐️ #BrillianceAtTheBasics 🦅🌎⚓️ #MakeTheParadeDeckGreatAgain **** follow me for more Drill motivation as well as my families adventures where the #MarineCorps send us. **** #DrivenByPassion #FatherhoodIsLit #nuestravida #Texan #fortworth #ourlife #washingtondc #grinding #family #familia #semperfresh #drilllife #gruntlife #ParrisIsland #PIDI #drillinstructor #drillmaster #TeamCalderon #marinebarrackswashington #Marines
17 minutes ago
Little do you know, I farted mid thruster. #18.5
21 minutes ago
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@futurejarheads ・・・ HELL OF A SPEECH: As if those first few days in receiving aren't enough, you then have to deal with your permanent drill instructors, especially that first day as shown in the video. Video courtesy of MCRD San Diego. --- KILL!! --- #usmc #marines #marinecorps #parrisisland #mcrdsandiego #poolees #poolee #army #futuremarines #basictraining #semperfi #futuremarine #navy #jrotc #army #airforce #semperfidelis #youngmarines #deployment #military #hollywoodmarines #futuresoldier #seacadets #sandiego #usmclife #supportourtroops #veterans #camppendleton #camplejeune #okinawa #29palms
11 hours ago
HELL OF A SPEECH: As if those first few days in receiving aren't enough, you then have to deal with your permanent drill instructors, especially that first day as shown in the video. Video courtesy of MCRD San Diego. --- KILL!! --- #usmc #marines #marinecorps #parrisisland #mcrdsandiego #poolees #poolee #army #futuremarines #basictraining #semperfi #futuremarine #navy #jrotc #army #airforce #semperfidelis #youngmarines #deployment #military #hollywoodmarines #futuresoldier #seacadets #sandiego #usmclife #supportourtroops #veterans #camppendleton #camplejeune #okinawa #29palms
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UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS MCRD. PARRIS ISLAND. 3 MAR 88 #usmcbootcamp #parrisisland #usmc #semperfi #oohrah
16 hours ago
Just wanted to give a quick shout out to the newest member of #TEAMBELMONTE, Poolee Barton @z_rite took the first step today on the road to becoming a US Marine. Congrats!
17 hours ago