#donaldtrump the perfect example of un-american. #dumptrump fuckdonaldtrump #notmypresident #eatshitanddie
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When your President tries to suppress the news, when your President doesn't put white supremacy in the garbage where it belongs, when your President doesn't care for the tired and poor. #youmove #notmypresident #captainamerica #feeltheburn
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Yeah yeah I said in my previous post that I was going to post more about Palestine. Well....score one for the IDF. According to Israeli media report, the same Palestinian who allegedly killed Rabbi Raziel Shevach in a drive by shooting last week, was killed by Elite Border Police unit during a shootout in the West Bank city of Jenin Wednesday night. The Palestinian health ministry confirmed that the Palestinian killed in Jenin was Khamed Nasser Jarrar. During the operation, Israelis managed to capture a "wounded" person who was involved in the shootout while a third man managed evade arrest. The man is now on the run from authorities. According to channle 10 reports, The IDF fired an anti-tank missile (No such thing as an overkill) at the home of the third suspect, two Israeli officers were reportedly wounded in the shootout.
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Let's go tiny-hands mc-orange face-tiny-dick. #comeatmebitch #fucktrump #notmypresident #fistfightdonaldtrump
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I believe this was a prophecy a warning to heed. Not taking a stand is taking one. #nwo #universe #power #namaste #45 #notmypresident #follow
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getting ready for Saturday's #womensmarch in #dtla !!! please join us #punxagainsttrump at 9 am at Pershing Square. The time is NOW to use your voice against the craptacular evils of the world. If you are afraid to go alone send me a DM and we will meet up. I wanna see all of you out there but most importantly I'm calling on all my girls - I see all of you fierce as fuck females kicking ass all day everyday let's get out there and fucking make sure THEY HEAR US THIS TIME !!!!!!!! America is better than this ... and #itsnotjustforgirls it's for all of us - shits gettin weird out here on the internet so leave your tide pods at home but please bring your strength and courage and your human body to be HERE and show the #shithole powers that be that we don't wanna take it anymore !!!!!! 鈿★笍 #notmypresident #notyourpussy
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