Sam's Club close down in Alaska !
I love this
Business is Boomin
No more food for us High Schoolers man😂😂😂 Nah...We got McDonald's & Panda Express at least
So intense.
Dude you have so much talent wow
@omgitsdjremax thanks
It looks apocalyptic. I love it. Great work👌🏽
Thousands losing jobs, not fun especially when impacted
Holy s*$% you are right where you should be, the Creator willing, filming these things....we left 2 months ago and watching this for anyone who knows Alaska, it makes you cry. There is an #impact here with what's happened, with the stores closing. It's a hard reality on what #istocome with the world #today
@betonacho they got two months pay tho so they should be able to find a job in two months
At least ak still has Costco