New Letterman special is priceless! Had me crying like a little bih midway thru the civil rights movement scenes!Whatever u think about Obama, the guy was a tough son of a gun. Worked hard and used education to propel himself, eventhough his pops hightailed it when he was a kid. He's a national treasure. You know how I can tell we need his charisma more than ever? The barista making my coffee today telling me about the cover of The Daily Mail this morning. What was it?? The fucking poop emoji, wearing a Trump wig. 😂 SMH We're a fucking international laughing stock! And you know its rigged, cus this asshole is still there. Had Obama pulled this shit we woulda pulled his ass right outta there! You're tellin me that someone had the balls to shoot at our beloved Reagan and NO ONE will even charge this guy?!! We are soooo soft! 😩 Do yourself a favor and CHECK THIS OUT! Soooo good! #davidletterman
David Letterman
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I think Jim Carrey just predicted Madonna’s next upcoming tour. 😂😂😂 #sixtyandsexyworldtour #madonna #queenofreinvention #jimcarrey #davidletterman #yassss
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Haven't sketched much lately but Netflix knew I had no interest in watching Letterman interview George Clooney and skipped right to the Malala Yousafzai interview. So I attempted to sketch them late last night. . . #Sketchbook #MalalaYousafzai #DavidLetterman #Netflix #Sketching #Art #mynextguestneedsnointroduction
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Happy #BookBirthday to @nellscovell 🎂🎉😬! We’re so excited that the world can finally read #JustTheFunnyParts — Just the Funny Parts is a fast-paced account of a nerdy girl from New England who fought her way to the top of the highly-competitive, male-dominated entertainment field. The book delivers invaluable insights into the creative process and tricks for navigating a difficult workplace. It's part memoir, part how-to, and part survival story. Or, as Scovell puts it, “It’s like Unbroken, but funnier and with slightly less torture.”
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@thetopeleven The Top 11 "The Top 11 Ways to Live without Facebook" @facebook #getofffacebook @MySpace @fredbenenson @odd_fox_coffee @voguerussia @all @broadwayvideo @queenspubliclibrary @nypl @bklynlibrary @sarahanneofcats #rescuecats #cats #budweiser @budweiser @Twitter @rt @linknycofficial #linknyc #comedy #lol #lists #davidletterman #funny #nyc #orgasms #nakedgun
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The Top 11 "The Top 11 Ways to Live without Facebook" @facebook #getofffacebook @MySpace @fredbenenson @odd_fox_coffee @voguerussia @all @broadwayvideo @queenspubliclibrary @nypl @bklynlibrary @sarahanneofcats #rescuecats #cats #budweiser @budweiser @Twitter @rt @linknycofficial #linknyc #comedy #lol #lists #davidletterman #funny #nyc #orgasms #nakedgun
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#MalalaYousafzai, LMH student in #PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) stars in the latest #Netflix exclusive from veteran #lateshow host, #davidletterman. The programme intercuts his New York interview with a visit to LMH, joining a College tour for prospective students, guided by #Malala. Lots of laughs and a fiercely contested game of table football ensue! Tune in to see the whole programme on Netflix if you can. #malalfund @universityofoxfordshop @oxford_uni
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@wbgear artist @coneyhatchback ・・・ Once in a lifetime.. thanks for the memory @annaruddick My @prestigeguitars NYS Standard is looking pretty slick! Thanks to @wbgear for all the support. 🙏🏼#davidletterman #lateshow #prestigeguitars #theGEARyouNEED
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Algumas lutas sao tão antigas e tão atuais.... E é preciso que ícones apareçam para nos lembrar da sua importância! Malala Yousafzai foi a última convidada (que dispensa apresentações) de David Letterman, no meu mais novo programa de entrevistas preferido da Netflix. Embora Malala seja inacreditávelnente maravilhosa (obrigatóriooo ler seu livro!!), e Letterman seja um dos melhores  entrevistadores da atualidade, acho que faltou um pouco de "liga". O senti bastante intimidado pela jovem; não só pela sua história de luta, mas por seu coração incrível. Muitas vezes você o vê escolhendo palavras, e o papo dá aquela "travada". Maaaaas, nada que invalide o programa. Alguns momentos fofos (especialmente durante uma pequena conversa com o pai dela) e engraçadinhos acontecem, puxados com pouco de força mas rolam. Mas esse show não precisa  disso. Malala nos lembra da importância de sua luta a todo tempo, e, mesmo nos momentos mais tranquilos, nos sentimos conduzidos pela sua atitude e apaixonados pela sua alma. Também quero ver "crianças com uma boa educação, mulheres com direitos iguais e paz em todos os cantos do mundo"; muito obrigada Malala por trazer humildade e amor a este planeta. #davidletterman #netflix #netflixbrasil #malala #instaseries #entrevista #tercafeira #dica #dicaserie #entrevista #entrevistas #queromorarnocinemaa #smart #smarttuesday #peace #humanrights #love #education #educacao
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In the early 1990s, comedy writer @nellscovell got her dream job working for David @Letterman on “Late Night.” She was the only woman in the room. She left after a few months. She has worked for more shows than most people have watched over the years from creating “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” to co-producing “Charmed” to writing White House Correspondents’ Association dinner jokes for former president Barack Obama. • @nellscovells’s memoir, “Just the Funny Parts” comes out today. It includes lots of stories and a tonnage of names dropped. It can be devoured in an afternoon, @washingtonpost reporter Karen Heller writes. (photo courtesy of
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