Did NOT disappoint 👏👏👏 Margot Robbie and Allison Janney were perfect ⛸️ costuming 👌 laugh out loud funny ⛸️ "hysterically tragic" ⛸️ the real story told by the "real players" ⛸️ so many memorable moments from Tonya Harding's career ⛸️ shocking truths about her life and rocky skating career⛸️ she was a star until she became a punch line... . First unofficial Free Popcorn Refills meet up made it all the more fun. Pop(corn) quiz for @paigewhelan @mrsrose00 @chelsaleece @juliannehclark @paigeana @lyssa_harrington 🥇what did you learn 🥈what was your favorite moment 🥉who was your favorite character . #itonya #itonyamovie #moviereviews #theflicks #boise #tonyaharding #margotrobbie #movies
Just in time for the Winter Olympics... need to see. Did everybody like it as much as you did? 5’s from the other judges??!!!
How fun! I wish I could have come!
This story was one of my fist real memories of a “big news story”. I just remember my mom and I talking about it all the time after it happened although I remembered it quite different. I thought it was well done and I’m glad she finally got a chance to tell her side! Sign me up for the next movie!
@mrsrose00 I agree, watching the Olympics was a big deal in our house too. I never knew about her upbringing or her boyfriend, I just remembered "the incident."
@freepopcornrefills and I don’t think I remember her husband being involved at all either. I think she did really well for herself despite her upbringing
Oh I remember this so well...Jared and I would watch the news every night to get caught up on all the details of the case...and it was so fun to watch and cheer Nancy Kerrigan on in the finals!
The mom was totes my favorite!!! I was a baby when it originally happened, so I learned everything! Definitely ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Allison Janney was amazing. Such a smart way to tell such a wild story.
Such a fun girls night! I didn't know her backstory at all so it was fun to learn about.
Loved it. I went in unsure of how I would feel. And I loved it. Love Tonya. And my new favorite one liner is, "I gotta lotta shit to fry."
Ps...monthly mom movie night? Yes, please!
That proud moment when an I, Tonya ad pops up on Youtube... 😉 @itonyamovie @imsebastianstan #itonya #sebastianstan #tonyaharding #sebstan
26 minutes ago
So after seeing it three times I can confidently say it exceeded my expectations. That is all. ⛸️ . . . #itonya #tonyaharding #margotrobbie #figureskating #tripleaxel
36 minutes ago
[i, tonya] i only watched this movie for sebastian, tbh. he was sooo good in it. 😍⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ tags: #sebastianstan #margotrobbie #itonya #tonyaharding #jeffgillooly #allisonjanney
2 hours ago
I, Tonya ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Heartaches. Contradictions. Grit. This film skates an upbeat, rhythmic, and sassy style of storytelling that portrays the true tale of former U.S. figure skater, Tonya Harding. It centers around her rise and fall in figure skating, torn to the ground by a turbulent relationship with ex-husband Jeff Gillooly. Although not flawless, Margot Robbie’s sensational performance steals the spotlight. The actress reveals the humanity and fragility of a complex, controversial figure skater known to many in infamy. The film stirs great emotions and moves you to ponder upon the messiness of life in that humanity is never black and white. What is the truth? Whose truths are you telling? Does it matter? -TN “I wanted you to come into the movie being judgmental ... and then have that perspective change." - Craig Gillespie, director #margotrobbie #figureskating #tonyaharding #winterolympics #photography #film #passion #lovestory #drama #biopic #dark #tripleaxel #cinema #itonyamovie #filmlover
2 hours ago
“People smile at me when they see me.” • I, Tonya - Craig Gillespie
3 hours ago
Listen to Jon's Move Pass moment: I Tonya. #itonya #margotrobbie #tonyaharding @stuffudontneed2know
3 hours ago