Who’s seen #ProudMaryMovie😃 #TarajiPHenson #ProudMary @tarajiphenson
@jussietaraji can't wait....
I did yesterday afternoon and taraji did the damn thing!!! 👏👏👏👏👏
Mary didn’t play....
Very good movie
Me loved it
Me 🖑 It was good.
Me I saw it twice yesterday night
Me! Good movie!!!
It was soooooooo good!
Waiting for the show to start!!
Taraji girl you did that in Proud Mary a new version of Pam Grier I love everything you act in I'm a true fan 5 thumbs up can't wait to buy it on dvd👍👍👍👍👍.
My friend and I saw the movie last night. The movie was excellent!
I haven't seen it
I loved it,Taraji🙌🙌
I saw the0 movie last night and it was awesome! You did a good job I'm so happy that you were the executive producer. I also love the fact that it took place in Boston! I wish I was am extra, lol. I'm from Boston. You did a good job I can't wait to see your future projects..
Who’s seen #ProudMaryMovie😃 #TarajiPHenson #ProudMary @tarajiphenson
10 days ago