#3494 Hawkers Aquavit Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout (2017) (Australia) Another big dog from Hawkers, this is a 12.4% Stout aged at sea in barrels in a ship from Norway. Gangsta. It’s oaky, nuff chocolate, oaky, hella chocolate, espresso, super creamy, tangy and bitter with a complex finish. Love this one. Grateful that the boys pulled these ones out for us.
30 minutes ago
#3493 Hawkers Bourbon Barrel-Aged Barleywine (2016) (Australia) Man these guys are busting out the barleywines already. Love it. It’s 12.5%, rich and malty, sweet yet cleans and incredibly smooth for such high ABV. Brilliant.
37 minutes ago
#3492 Boatrocker Lord Raspberry (Australia) Oh this one is a banger. It’s 6.2%, and it’s Time Lord with raspberries. Tangy and sour, fruity and nuff red berries with a puckering finish. Lovely.
39 minutes ago
#3491 Boatrocker Time Lord (Australia) Next up is a 6.2% local Lambic, sour and funky, spontaneously fermented with tangy, sweet, fruity vibes and a clean finish. Fantastic.
41 minutes ago
#3490 Boatrocker Sour Blonde (Australia) We’re here at Carwyn Cellars, the greatest beer bar and bottle shop in Melbourne, with owner Ben and manager James. Legends. This is a 6.1% sour blonde, funky, tart, nuff citrus and very Gueze-like, with a lingering finish. Bomb.
56 minutes ago
#3489 Wig & Pen Russian Imperial Stout (Australia) Shouts to James from Crafty Pint! This bad boy is an 8.9% imperial stout from Canberra, tan head, espresso nose, tons of dark chocolate, dark fruits, creamy mouthfeel, super smooth with a tangy, clean finish. Solid af, best Aussie stout I’ve had.
60 minutes ago
#3488 La Sirène Soixante (Australia) This fella is part of the Avante Garde collection, 6.5%, another mixed fermentation farmhouse ale, a bit hazy, hella sedimentation, clean and super dry, citrusy and tangy, with a tart, dusty finish. Not bad.
1 hour ago
#3487 La Sirène Premiere Mosaic (Australia) This is a mixed fermentation farmhouse ale that doesn’t come out ‘til next week. Special. Hazy and funky, hella sediment and mad explosive, clean and crushable with a dry finish. Solid.
1 hour ago
@finetunedbrewery Rack & Roll American Amber Ale 4%. This is more like it! I'm liking Fine Tuned, all their beers so far have been really good and the fact that the Brewery is only a few miles from my humble abode only makes things sweeter, this Amber is really nicely balanced, its well hopped but not in yer face & there's a little acidity and spice..... They have a little taproom at the brewery which I shall be visiting very soon, 👍🍻 #finetunedbrewery #hops #hophead #beerisgood #beerpic #ipa #pale #beerphotos #bottledbeer #realale #realbeer #craftbeerlife #craftbeergeek #craftnotcrapbeer #beerisgood #beer #craftbeernotcrapbeer #ale #paleale #instabeerofficial #craftbeerporn
5 minutes ago
#tripleipa от @sergacore Вчера мне посчастливилось познакомиться с @sergacore Человек многогранный))) рыбак, геймер, но самое главное ПИВОВАР ☝🏻 Пообщались конечно мало, но думаю ещё все впереди! Получил я от него вот такой вот напиток, который он сам варит. Пиво получилось, с отличным ароматом. Пены маловато, при первом глотке почувствовалась кислинка с хорошим количеством газов и горчинкой, в процессе кислинка ушла и осталась горчинка карамелью и травками. В целом пиво плотное и мощное! Мне понравилось. Надеюсь будет возможность попробовать остальные сорта, когда они будут готовы. #beer #craftbeer #russiancraftber #craft #instabeer #lovebeer #instabeers #beerme #beerlove #пиво #крафтовоепиво #российскийкрафт #крафт #крафтовыйалкоголь #крафтовед #beernerd #beergeek #beersnob #beertography #beerstagram #cheers #insta_beer #тощиеэксперты #beerlife #beerlover #craftbrew #craftbeergeek #beerporn #sergacorebrewery
8 minutes ago
Double tap if you love a good beer! 🙋‍♂️🍺 This Ginger Brew by @uprootbrewing is 🔥👌 & swipe ➡️ to see what else we saw at @craftbeerriseuk 📸 @adwaiz #craftbeerrising
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