“If you believe in prayer at all, expect God to hear you. If you do not expect, you will not have. God will not hear you unless you believe He will hear you; but if you believe He will, He will be as good as your faith." -Charles Spurgeon Last day of the 10 Days of Prayer at @gracecityfl is focused on Grace City Church - Lakeland. Let us pray for the lead pastors @andrewgard and @christinagard for prophetic vision, guidance, blessings and love as they lead this church and their family as well. We pray also for the council, the board, the leaders, the staff, the ministries, the city groups, the outreach, the mission trips, the plans of expansion, the showering of abundant blessings on this new season for the year 2018. We pray for God’s love, mercy and compassion as we face the year with enthusiasm, expectations and energy for God’s revelation of His power and might. #10DaysOfPrayer #GraceCityFL #Lakeland #Florida #Prayer #Thanksgiving
THE POWER OF PRAYER! @echoconference_fl
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psa nicole is a treasure of a friend & if you're not friends with her you prob want to rethink your life choices real quick
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& to think.... THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING 💕💕 ECHO 2019 countdown has started ✔️
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@iamjameil and I in the Polk Theatre basement 6 years ago... leading worship together again 6 years later this weekend in the same venue now with @gracecityfl... Tried our best to recreate the moment.. Make and keep friends like Jameil... Hold on to old relationships... guys that no matter how much time passes it still feels like old times... Love you bro - you are a gift // Catch @iamjameil with @gracecitymusic tonight at 6pm
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POWERFUL message by world renowned author and speaker Christine Caine today who came all the way from Australia to speak to us at the Polk Theater. In Exodus it says that God set the captives FREE. They had to go out in the wilderness, but the ultimate goal was the Promised Land! Did you know that it should have taken the Egyptians only 11 days to get to the promised land, yet it took 40 years?! They got used to God providing them Manna everyday. They took it for granted. How many of us hold on to our pasts? We relive our pain over and over, like continually walking around Mount Sinai, when if we could just let go, we would be free?! He brought us out (of bondage) so that He could bring us in(to freedom). #TheTruthSetsYouFree. #ChristineCain #GraceCityFl
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fact: emma & i are the same person
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Tonight I got to hear a live service from one of my heros, @christinecaine ! What a life changing experience this weekend has been! Tomorrow 2 more sessions! . . Thankful for @christinagard saying yes to God's mission over her life! #changinglives . . . #echoconf18 #thankful #changed #shamefree #freedom #Jesus #sisterhood #lkld #lakeland #valvsherself #bodymindspirit #spiritualfood #unashamed #gracecityfl
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#echoconference #gracecityfl Amazing day growing closer to God with my sisterhood in Christ!
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Our reaction to @1fitquuen’s story about splitting her pants right before closing the worship set last night 😭 .... haha love our team!!!! #echoconf18 @echoconference_fl
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@echoconference_fl tonight was AMAZING! My take away is that my life will echo through generations to follow mine. Starting with my children. So I chose to follow Jesus and let His light shine through me. I want the best for my children. I want to point them to Him! That's why I'm in this pursuit of the best of myself spiritually! . . Thank you @dawnchere for an amazing word! . . #echoconf18 #lkld #lakeland #polktheather #sisterhood #gracecityfl #momlife #wifelife #Jesus #echo #valvsherself #journey #weightwatchers #photobooth #fun #balloons #outsidemycomfortzone #growth #bodymindspirit #pursuit
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