#Repost @anthonymeindl ・・・ Our #spiritual #epiphanies disappear quickly. Apply them to your life immediately when they come or you will forget them. @amawstudios
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😜It's not all heartbreak and sorrow over here at AMAW Vancouver! Come and play with us! Email shaz@anthonymeindl.com to schedule your free audit!😜 . . . @viriginialeap @lynnthomas77 @sarntsen @hmpycths
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🌈You are exactly where you need to be to grow, especially when all you can see are clouds. 🌈
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Wow! AMAW London student Olivia Jewson reading #BTFJ all the way in Sri Lanka! How cool is that?! 🌏#Repost @oliviajewson ・・・ Wherever I am, my mind is always on #bookthefuckingjob #actorslife #actor #lovemyjob #art #artist #love #amaw #sograteful #sunshine #deepbreaths #feelingalive #srilanka #2018 ☀️❤️🎥🎭@amawlondon @amawstudios @anthonymeindl
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There is always truth beyond what can be seen on the surface.
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Big congrats to our Canadian model @savvymxx who’s staring her acting career with @talent_bid To see her story and follow her progress follow @talent_bid and check her profile on www.talentbid.com Link in bio ☝️ #startyouractingcareer #actingjobs #actorsvancouver #modelingvancouver #talentmanagement
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🎥 Sign-up for our On-Camera audition class with Sarah Smyth. Email shaz@anthonymeindl.com 🎥
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#tbt Anthony in Vancouver last summer! We are SO excited to have him back in April! Be sure to sign-up for his intensive if you're ready for huge shifts in your life and work! Taking place April 28th and 29th! Email shaz@anthonymeindl.com to secure your spot!
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☀️🍳We're having inspiration for breakfast! 🍳☀️#breakfastofchampions "Our essence - our being - has been waiting patiently for us to discover that it's been there all along." - Anthony Meindl #atleftbrainturnright
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✨✨✨Did you hear?! Anthony is coming back to Vancouver in April! Sign-up for his On-Camera Intensive! You definitely don’t want to miss it! ✨✨✨
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Break out of your comfort zone and “use your voice.” AMAW student @chelsruppel sharing some of her growth at the studio this past year. #atleftbrainturnright #useyourvoice Her words: “Keep pushing. You may not see it now, but you are growing. It’s inevitable and you will look back one day & truly feel proud of yourself for persevering every time you doubted your worth or potential. This place would scare the shit out of me weekly, because i had to face myself & everything i thought i was protecting myself from. But AMAW has now become a home. It keeps me sane and it’s somewhere i feel safe enough to continue exploring everything uncomfortable about being human. It is a place where i am given the space to find safety in myself, that i can then take with me wherever i go. You may have shut yourself down, but you can detach from the past, the story...& open back up. I promise you, it can happen. It’s your birthright. Most of the time it doesn’t happen how you “think” it will, just let go, and jump in. Change happens each moment we choose to be present, and detatch from our stories. But the shift may take time. You’ll feel it. If i told you how often i beat myself up for not feeling, doing or being good enough, real enough.. or not achieving enough, you wouldn’t believe me. But i kept going, and now i have this family of supportive friends, artists, & actors... the strength, the love, the inspiration and the power i have gained is unbelievable. That power and success for me is knowing i am allowed to take up space, to have a voice, and to use it. No more playing small. I deserve a role in this world and so do you. Let your love grow, let yourself show & let yourself go. #useyourvoice
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